Best Gaming Chair Floor Mats {Protect Your Floor}

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For every gaming enthusiasts, having a perfect gaming environment is the most important things. Because the right place means more comfort, concentration and maximum performance. Every gamer purchase a high-quality gaming chair, but mostly they don’t feel the need of gaming chair mat, which is as important as other accessories. Because caster of chair damage your floor, but if you have a gaming chair mat it will protect your floor and also going to provide you stable and smooth surface to move your chair around.

So don’t overlook and purchase a best gaming chair floor mat, and for you I have created a list of 5 best floor mats that you can install under your chair and protect your floor and improve your gaming experience. Now without wasting much time lets dive right into the reviews and other information about the floor mats. Compare the specifications and price, then choose the right floor mat according to your needs.

Best Gaming Chair Floor Mats

If you are tired of slipping and sliding from your chair during gaming, then my friend you really need a gaming chair floor mat. You can look at these 5 best of the best mats and take your gaming moments to the next level. Just go ahead and see the best options available. Just pick one that suits your gaming place and also enjoy the stability, comfort and protection for your floor.

1. AREIA Space Computer Chair Mat

AREIA Computer Chair Mat (47” x 47”), Noise Cancelling Gaming Chair Mat – Anti-Slip Gaming Floor Mat – Scratch Resistant Mat for Office Chair – Octagon Computer Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Size47.2″ x 47.2″
ColorBlue and Purple
Product Dimensions19.5″L x 0.16″W x 19.5″Th
Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Corner StylePleated

First I would like suggest you a gaming chair mat that comes with a cool galaxy design. This mat comes in 3 different design you can click on the button above and check the other variants. AREIA Computer Chair Mat also claims to come with noise canceling and scratch resistant features.

This premium gaming chair floor mat is 4mm thick and made of 100% safe materials. It is made on non-toxic, natural rubbers and a polyester microfiber fabric. Believe me this chair mat looks very amazing under your chair, just buy and check yourself.

This mat has octagonal shape and roughly the size of this mat is 47″ by 47″ and its soft cushiony surface provides a Anti-Fatigue surface to work on. You can easy move your chair on this mat and it is going to protect your floor from the chair casters.

Also you can easily clean this mat in washing machine using cold water or you can use a damp cloth to clean this mat with your hand. If you have hard floors then you will hear no noise while moving your chair around on this mat.

2. Gaming Chair Mat for Carpet, Hardwood and Tile Floor

Office Chair Mat for Carpet, Hardwood and Tile Floor, 1/5" Thick Desk Chair Mat, 35" x 45" Anti-Slip Carpet Chair Mats for r Low/Medium Pile Carpets

StyleBlack 1Pack
Product Dimensions45″L x 35″W x 0.2″Th
Surface RecommendationCarpet
Corner StyleRounded

Here is another simple looking yet best chair mat that can be used under a gaming chair. Not every gamer like a mat with some design on it, some gamers prefer simple flat mat look. And this is what this mat provides, it comes in black color and its flat look provides a classy look to your gaming room.

This mat is made of top-grade PE material and it is thick and sturdy, as it has anti-skit surface underneath. Its material prevent cracking or shattering and offers durability and is very reliable for long-term use.

Top side of this chair mat is Matte and bottom is with rhombus structures which offers full grip on the bottom and it is not going to slide out of place. You can glide your chair easily on the mat surface and you won’t hurt yourself or the floor underneath.

You can easily clean the mat with damp cloth or use your vacuum cleaner to do the job. Just click on the button above and check the look properly. You can even buy and try the mat and if you don’t like the mat you can return the mat as it comes with 100% 90 days return service. Check more details about this warranty on amazon.

3. Large Gaming Chair Mat

51" X 51" Large Gaming Chair Mat, Natural Rubber Computer Chair Mat for Hard Floor, Game Floor Protector for Hardwood Floor, Soft/Non-Slip/Scratch-Resistant & Washable (Octagon-3D)

StyleGaming room decorative art and protection
Product Dimensions51″L x 51″W x 0.12″Th
Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Corner StyleOctagon

Made from natural rubber and a polyester microfiber fabric this gaming chair mat offers wear resistance, ductility, super elasticity and corrosion resistance. This budget friendly chair mat can be used on multiple floor type like marble, tile, hardwood or concerted floor.

This mat comes in octagon shape and it is 51*51 inches in size and 0.3mm thick. It allows you a nice area to move around and being thick enough it will provide you a smooth surface to glide your chair over.

You can go ahead and buy this mat and they also give you 100% free replacement for non-human factors within 15 months. So if any problem comes in first 15 months of purchasing you can easily get it replaced.

4. IBETTO Anti Slip Gamer Chair Mat

IBETTO 51x51 inches Large Gaming Chair Octagon Carpet Natural Rubber Silent Computer Game Chair Rug Anti Slip Gamer Chair Mat for All Kinds of Office Hard Wood Floor (Spider)

Size51 inches x 51 inches
Product Dimensions51″L x 51″W x 0.19″Th
Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Corner StyleOctagon

Spiderman fan? Then go ahead and buy this octagonal shape spiderman themed gaming chair mat. This chair mat is very cool looking and going to enhance your gaming room look. Size of this mat is 51″ X 51″ and it is 0.19″ thick, so there won’t be any problem for moving or gliding over it.

Mat is made of rubber material and it comes with wear-resistant, super malleable, super elastic and super corrosion resistance. It also got good grip so it won’t get folded or messed up when you move your chair around. However you can use tape to fix the mat in one position.

You won’t hear anything when you move as it got silent movement. Mat is so good looking and easy to fold and install, you can use it anywhere or take it anywhere.

To check more images click on the above button and also check the latest price for it.

5. SALLOUS Chair Mat for Hard Floor

SALLOUS Chair Mat for Hard Floor, 63" x 51" Vinyl Gaming Chair Mat for Hard Surface, Multi-Purpose Hard Floor Protector Desk Chair Mat for Home Office, Updated Version (Black)

MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Size63″ x 51″
Product Dimensions63″L x 51″W x 0.06″Th
Surface RecommendationHard Floor
Corner StyleRounded Corner

Another good looking and premium quality chair mat, but this one is eco-friendly also. This thick and sturdy gaming mat is made of non-toxic, tasteless and anti-static Vinyl material. There won’t be any problem like cracks, curls or discoloration because of the premium material they used to make it. This floor mat can be used for floor heating with a heat-resistant material up to 85℃.

You are really going to this mat when I tell you it got really good size, which is 63″ X 51″. Believe me this is really big size for any space and it provides you enough space to move anywhere. Also grip of this mat is really good and you won’t trip or skid around when moving or rolling your chair over it.

Mat is really easy to clean, as you can clean it with a wet dishcloth. There is a 3D hexagram pattern on this mat which looks really cool and gives amazing vibe to overall space. It comes with 12-month warranty and offers your replacement or refund service.

I recommend you go ahead and buy this one and try yourself.


In the gaming world, having the best gaming environment means a lot and improves your gaming a lot. Having the right accessories makes your gaming more comfortable and gaming chair mat is one of those accessories.

Investing in a high-quality gaming chair floor mat, not only going to protect your floor from chair casters but also going to provide you a easy movement and more comfortable sitting while playing. You can freely and easily move your chair around, and all that without scratching, denting or causing any damage to your flooring.

Chair mat is not that costly, and for your comfort all the premium and budget friendly gaming chair mats are listed above. Just open the link and buy one that you like the most and improve your gaming experience.

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