How To Clean Pebble Stone Shower Floor

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Wherever you put a pebble stone floor, it looks like nature entered the space. It has a raw charm to it and is very aesthetically pleasing. But considering the excellent grip and texture a pebble stone provides, it has become a popular choice for bathroom flooring. It comes with umpteen advantages like being durable, anti-slip, and almost like a massage for your feet.

Installing a pebble stone floor takes more time than a tiled one, but the beautiful result is worth the wait. But as there are so many spaces filled with grout among the pebbles, which act like magnets for dirt, residue, and grime, maintaining their cleanliness is a daunting task.

It requires an immense amount of patience and the knowledge of the right tools and cleaners that could make your job much easier. And do not postpone cleaning the shampoo residue, dirt, body oils, soap, and other remnants your pebble stone shower floor may have accumulated over time.

That will only add to the problem as the floor will be more prone to mildew and mold. Let us help you understand how to clean pebble stone shower floor without any hassles.

How To Clean Pebble Stone Shower Floor

Trusty Detergent

how to clean stone shower floor

We have tried to balance methods where you have to buy the materials required from a hardware store with ones where everything is available in the comforts of your home. A detergent is something easily found in our homes. Usually, a pebble stone shower floor is made of many small-sized stones.

For such floors, you can go ahead and use any mild detergent with an alkaline base to scrub any dirt, grime, or other residue stuck between them. There are many brands that have a good range of pH-balanced cleaners that are suitable for pebble stone floors.

But, this changes when your shower floor is made of granite, limestone, or marble. The bleach and other chemicals present in these cleaners can damage the pebbles and etch their surface. The best way to go about this cleaning business is to use a quarter cup of any vegetable-based detergent with about a gallon of warm water to gently scrub the pebble stone shower floor using a firm-bristled brush.

Ensure you clean between the pebbles thoroughly and cover all ground. Do not miss the corners; they need some love too! Finish by rinsing the floor with plain water.

Hunt The Kitchen For Vinegar

diy natural stone shower cleaner, how to clean and seal pebble shower floor

Another staple in the house, especially if you are a Chinese food lover. Making this DIY pebble shower floor cleaner is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get your pebble floor to shine like brand new. Start by finding an empty spray bottle (make sure it’s clean) and fill it with 16 parts water and 1 part vinegar. And that’s it! It is that simple to make a DIY cleaner that is able to remove any residual soap scum, stubborn stains, or grime without any extra effort.

Spray the solution over the floor, making sure it covers all pebbles and corners too. Then let it sit on the shower floor for some time before using a nylon-bristled brush to scrub away the dirt. The last step is to give the floor a good rinse with the handheld shower.

Go With Steaming For Deep Cleaning

You may have heard of steam cleaning microwaves and ovens, but this method works equally well for pebble stone shower floors. By the nature of a pebble floor, there are multiple nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to hide in. This might lead to bacteria developing in these places, which is obviously not a sign of a clean or safe floor.

Steam cleaning is the best way to use the intense pressure of the heat to push the dirt and grime that is stuck in difficult places. This not only gives you a clean and shining pebble stone shower floor, but one that is free of harmful germs too. As it may be difficult for you to find cleaners that don’t harm your pebble stone floor, steam is the safest option.

And, it isn’t as time-consuming as other cleaning methods. All you need to have is a handheld steam cleaner (you can even try a vaporizer if the area to be cleaned isn’t much). Hold the steamer against the floor (about 4-5 inches away) and let the pressure of the steam do its work. Then, rinse the floor with water for a final cleanse.

Apply Protective Sealant

The other methods are more like maintenance rituals you should follow for a clean pebble stone shower floor, whereas this one is a more permanent solution. It would be great to carry out the other cleaning methods regularly while applying a protective sealant once every year.

A sealant is a great way to block the extra spaces in the grouting of the pebble stone shower floor and not let dirt, grime, or even soap scum accumulate there. None of that sticks to the floor and flows down the drain instead.

Final Words

A pebble stone shower is highly durable and can give many advantages over tiled flooring to be installed in a bathroom. But all that also depends on how you maintain them. Cleaning the pebble stone floor thoroughly using the tips discussed above is a fool-proof way to make it last a long time, as it should.

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