Is It Possible To Clean Your Carpet Without a Vacuum?

By Mats Hub Team

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Most of us get a little lazy when it comes to cleaning and doing chores around the house. Especially when we do not have equipment like a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher, these do make our lives easier when it comes to cleaning, but they tend to cost a lot, and frankly, many of us can not afford to buy a vacuum cleaner. So, in this article, we will discuss something specific, which will make your life easier! how to clean your carpet without a vacuum.

If you are worried about cleaning your carpet but do not own a vacuum cleaner, then read along. These are straightforward methods that can be implemented and make your carpet clean.

Now, there are several methods listed in this article, and you can use anything that you find the easiest and comfortable for you.

Method One: Broom

how to clean carpet without a machine

Almost every one of us owns an old handy broom and a dustpan. However, if you do not own one, then we strongly recommend that you buy one. This will not only help with the carpets, but it is beneficial for general cleaning around the house.

It is very simple to use a broom.

Before you sweep your carpet, make sure to dust your broom somewhere else and use it because you do not want the dust already collected on the broom to be getting on your carpet, and make sure not to use a broom with hard bristles. A broom can help you pick up big chunks of dirt from your carpet easily. However, it will be a little difficult to clean off tiny dust particles using a broom.

Method Two: Lint Roller

how to clean a carpet by hand

We all are only used to cleaning our clothes (especially if you have pets) using a lint roller, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little creative and using it to clean your carpet.

For hygiene purposes, make sure to use a new lint roller or at least use one which is different from the roller you use for clothes.

Just like how we would use the lint rollers on our clothes, use them on your carpet. For this method to be really efficient, take your carpet outside and dust off the dirt that can be easily removed, and then use the roller to clean the finer dirt.

Method Three: Carpet Cleaner

how to remove hair from carpet without vacuum

This is very similar to using a broom and dustpan, but here are some techniques which will make it more efficient.

You can make use of baking soda to make your carpet cleaner. Take some of the baking soda powder and simply sprinkle it over the carpet and let the carpet soak in the baking soda powder, and dust off the baking soda. This will help remove any bad smell and clean your carpet.

Once you dust off the baking soda powder, use your carpet cleaner and remove other dust particles.

Method Four: Steam MopingĀ 

clean carpet stairs without vacuum

This method is similar to using a vacuum cleaner because this is also electronic equipment that helps with the cleaning process.

These steam mops are available in many stores and on online websites. They are relatively simple to use. Fill the water provision cup with the instructed amount of water, and you just have to plug in the steam mop to electricity. Wait till the mop starts to release steam, and then you can use it on your carpet.

This is a highly efficient method because it kills many bacterias that are not even visible to the naked eye and will clean your carpet in and out.

Method Five: Washing

 how to clean car carpet without vacuum

You can even just simply wash your carpets. This is only possible if it is an area rug. Please do not pour water on carpets that can not be removed. Also, please make sure to follow the washing instructions for your carpet in particular. Some can be washed, and some can not be.

There are several specialized cleaning agents that help with this cleaning. You can buy these from departmental stores or online and use and wash your carpet as per the directions given on the soap bottle.

Before applying the cleaning agent to the whole carpet, first, test it out on the corner of the carpet where it will not be so visible. Every carpet reacts differently to different cleaning agents, so be sure to test it before using it all over your carpet.

If you are new to this carpet cleaning game, then we strongly recommend that you try the first few methods like sweeping, dusting, or lint rolling because these are some of the basic and easy ways which have a lower chance of ruining your carpet in case something goes wrong.

If I personally had to suggest a method, then, if you live in hotter regions, I would just tell you to let your carpet hang out in the sun for a while and bring it back in. This is how my Asian parents cleaned our rugs. Obviously, this is not an expert tested method, but it is the cheapest and efficient method. Why use chemicals when mother nature has given us a natural bacteria killer – The sun.

See, I told you, these are really simple methods that you do not need fancy equipment for. You can simply learn how to clean your carpet without a vacuum using everyday household items like baking soda and a broom. I hope this article was helpful for you and happy cleaning!

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