How to Clean Your Tile Floors with Steam Mop

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A steam mop definitely sounds like a better idea than the conventional bucket and mop system. It saves plenty of time and covers each and every corner of the floor. And as you may have heard the adverts say, steam cleaning has the ability to terminate dust mites, germs, and bacteria too. So making the switch shouldn’t be a tough choice, right?

The confusion arises when you have a tile floor. It leaves people asking; do steam mops damage tile floors? Well, the simple answer to this question is yes. Steam cleaning is an aggressive way of deep cleaning the floor, after all. It involves the intense pressure of steam which might damage your tile floor.

We will discuss the answer to this question in more detail and give you a fair idea of whether a steam mop is a suitable option for you or not. Keep reading to know more about it!

How Does Steam Mops Damage A Tile Floor

Overdoing It 

Is it safe to use a steam mop on tile floors?

Steam cleaning is seen not just as a deep cleaning system but also as a way to sanitize the floor because of its ability to kill germs and bacteria. This makes people think the more they use it, the better for the floor’s hygiene. But that isn’t necessarily the case. It might do more damage than good for your tile floor. The point is never to underestimate the intensity of steam cleaning.

The amounts of heat and moisture that are released by a steam mop aren’t suitable for a tile floor if you expose it more often than you should. Keep a day in the week when you use a steam mop for cleaning the tile floor and use a conventional mop and bucket the other days or just vacuum it. Reserve the steam mop for days when you feel the tile floor needs a thorough cleaning.

Chemical Cleaners

As you may already know, tile floors can lose their sheen and finish if exposed to chemicals they can’t handle. There are special cleaners that are meant and approved by manufacturers for tiles. Use only those tile floor cleaners with your steam mop so that they don’t weaken the tiles. Although, the heat of the steam is more than enough to remove dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria from the floor. Just water is good.

Leaving Water Unattended

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

Water is the common enemy of many types of floorings. In the case of tiles, water seeps through the grout if you leave it unattended. This may weaken the tiles. Steam mopping can do this too. Drying the floor thoroughly is the only prevention. Other accidents like water spills should also be dealt with the same promptness.

How To Safely Use A Steam Mop For Tile Floor

Tip 1: Prep The Tile Floor

 how to use a steam mop on tiles

It sounds ridiculous to clean the floor before you are going to steam clean it anyway, but this is a crucial step in ensuring both the steam mop and tile floor stay intact. Either use a vacuum cleaner or mop to do a preliminary cleaning of the floor to remove any excess dirt or other unwanted things like hair, etc. This can make the steam mop dirty, something we must avoid to increase its durability.

Tip 2: Change The Mop When It’s Dirty

 best steam cleaner for tile and grout

Most steam mops come with changeable mop heads, and if not, you can buy them separately. Whenever you see your mop head become grimier and dirtier, change it immediately. Your beautiful tile floor will look very insightful with steaming dirt all over it! It even saves you time as each time you get to steam cleaning; you have a clean steam mop ready to be used.

Tip 3: Use Steam Mop Only On Sealed Tile Floor

Tile floors are fitted using grout, which is prone to damage with the intensity of the steam coming from a steam mop. Make sure you use steam mops only on tile floors that are sealed using a protective sealant. Check whether the mop you are using or are planning to buy will do any harm, in particular if the floor isn’t unsealed only then use it.

Final Words

A steam mop is a wonder machine because it isn’t as time-consuming as a mop and bucket system and comes with many added benefits like disinfection. It does have the potential to cause harm to your tile floor, but that can be prevented. All in all, if you consider all the guidelines and cleaning methods shared in this article, you are sure to have a smooth cleaning experience with steam mops!

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