Do Steam Mops Damage Tile Floors? **Answered**

By Mats Hub Team

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Do steam mops damage tile floors? I got the same question when I was about to buy a steam mop to clean my house. I also got a few areas in my house where I use tiles floor, and cleaning those tiles without a proper tool is not easy. Cleaning with a mop and bucket takes too much time and energy as compared to a steam mop. Steam mop really helps you to clean every nook and cranny. You can easily clean floor grouts and even a steam mop helps you to easily remove the stains from your floor. You are going to get deep cleaning with the help of a steam mop. But a lot of homeowners ask a simple question, Do steam mops damage tile floors? Well, we are going to find it out in this article.

Do steam mops damage tile floors?

Steam mop can be used on a lot of surfaces as it’s just hot water, but if you are not careful then it is going to do some damage. So the answer is YES, Steam Mops can damage your tile floors. Tile floors are sturdy and hard, but they are not indestructible. A steam mop comes with aggressive cleaning nature and that my friend can damage your tile floors. But not to worry we are going to help you and provide you some tips to avoid the damage thing and clean your floor in the best possible way.

How to Clean Your Tile Floors with Steam Mop?

Do Steam Mops Damage Tile Floors Now coming to the part we are going to tell you how you can avoid damaging your tile floor by using a steam mop. Just follow the below-given instructions and the steam mop won’t harm your floor.

  • First you need to vacuum your floor and then you start steam mopping your floor. This process will remove all the dust and dirt from your floor and also it will improve the steam mop’s performance. You can also sweep the floor if you don’t own a vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure to change the mop pads and do not use the dirty pads again and again. It will only make a mess but no cleaning will be done.
  • Use your steam mop on the sealed floor only. Sealed floors can handle the steam mop and you won’t be damaging your floor with it.

Things to Avoid and What Not To Do

Below are sharing what you should avoid cleaning with a steam mop and what you should not do in order to protect your floor from steaming and moisture.

  • Avoid using the steam mop on Vinyl Adhesive Tile Floors. Do not use the steam mop on adhesive tile floors because the persistent and water will loosen the corners of these tiles and that my friend is bad news.
  • Also do not use the steam mop on marble tiles because it can damage them. But if keep the moisture to a minimum then you may be able to clean dirt from marble tiles.
  • And non-sealed floors are a BIG NO because steam and moisture can damage the floor and we don’t want that.
  • Do not use any chemical in your steam mop to get better results. Chemical is only going to damage your floor unless the chemical is approved by the manufacturer. Steam mop is best with the water only and the heat of steam is enough to kill the bacterias and remove the dust mites from the floor.
  • Never steam mop your floor for too long. Because too much heat and water are only going to weaken the floor. You can steam mop your floor once a week and vacuum your floor to pick the dirt and dust.


So that is all, there are so many steam mops available in the market and you can pick any of these. But you always need to be careful with your steam mop. Avoid using the steam mop for too long and never leave water on your floor. Because tile soaks the water and that is only going to weaken the floor. Follow the simple things mentioned above and you won’t damage your tile floors.

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