How To Fix Dents In Prefinished Hardwood Floor

By Mats Hub Team

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If you are a perfectionist, then you must understand the pain of seeing these dents and deep scratches spoiling your prefinished hardwood floor. When you make efforts to maintain your wooden floors so well but still there are dents and scratches on them is just the worst feeling. However, luckily for you, we have just the right ideas and tips on how to fix dents in prefinished hardwood floors.

There could be many reasons for dents on your floor. It could be general wear and tear; you could have accidentally dropped something heavy on your prefinished hardwood floors. No matter what the reason is, there is always a solution for your problem, so keep reading the article for some valuable tips and tricks to fix your dents.

It is nothing very difficult; you can fix these minute dents using readily available items that are also cheap and effective. Let us start talking about the methods, shall we?

Method One: Wood Filler

hardwood floor dent repair

This one is a very simple and common method to fix cracks and dents in wood floors in general. All you need is some wood filler and damp cloth that is just lying around the house, something to scrape, and some sandpaper.

First, before you start fixing the dent, let us begin with you buying your wood filler. Make sure that the wood filler you are buying matches the color of your existing flooring. If you purchase something which does not match, then you might end up with an awkward spot of very visible wood filler on your floors.

Once you picked the suitable wood filler, take some of that wood filler on your fingertip and start applying it on the dent in a circular motion until it is fully filled and there are no gaps (Do not be afraid to overfill or use more than needed).

After that step, take something with a sharp and straight edge like a spatula or a putty knife and scrape off the excess wood filler off the floor. Use it in different directions on the floor, so you make sure the dent is tightly packed with the fillers.

Allow the filler to dry completely and once it is dry, take 180 grit sandpaper or any fine sandpaper and gently sand the top surface without damaging the wood around the dent. As soon as you finish sanding, grab a damp cloth and wipe around the dent to remove any residue filler left on the actual wood.

Note: Be careful not to use a cloth which is drenching wet! Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the residue as the water might damage the wood surrounding the dent, and water can also cause the filler to reactivate and lose its structure.

Method Two: Water

how to fix dents in engineered wood floors

Yes, all you need is a drop of water to fix your dent! Using a pipette or the head of a matchstick and add a drop of water into the dent. Once you do that, you may find that area becoming a little blue sometimes but do not be alarmed by that, it is common, and it will not hurt the quality of your wood.

Once you have added your water droplet, wipe off any water that spilled around the dent. Next, place a damp cloth over the dent and take a hot iron, and press it onto the fabric for a while to remove it. When you remove the iron, you will see that the dent will be gone. If it is still there, then repeat the process until it is gone.

We know it sounds crazy, but just try it out!

Method Four: Wax

Easy and cheap method to fix dents. Buy a wax stick that matches the color of your floor, and using some sort of heat gun or just any heat source, slightly melt the wax stick. Once the stick is pliable, take a tiny bit of it and apply it over the dent. Then, using a putty knife or something sharp, go over it and make sure to fill it completely.

Allow it to dry thoroughly and gently scrape off the excess, and you are done! Make sure that there is no air bubble while filling the dent.

Some ways to prevent dents on your floor is by being really careful while handling heavy products, do not drop them on the floor. If you have guests coming over or if you yourself have the habit of wearing your high heels inside your home, then it is time to change your practice. You have to keep your heels away from your food flooring and encourage your guests to do so too. These heels can genuinely affect your floors.

If you have pets, always trim their nails and keep them short because long pet nails will scratch the floors. Obviously, we can not control where our pets come and go; they are also a part of our family, so what we can do is trim their nails and save our floors a little.

Vacuum your floors regularly and clean them. If you do not maintain your floors clean, you will have the perfect shiny floor. Make sure to vacuum and mop your floor every day or at least once on two days to maintain the shine. However, do not use too much water to clean your floor because too much moisture is your floor’s enemy.

You can prevent dents and scratches for sure, but when it comes to our homes, we often do not take that many serious precautions to protect the flooring, and it is only natural to be that way. We will spill or drop something on the floor; nobody is that perfect. So do not worry about any minor dents that are on your floor.

If you regularly follow these simple tricks that we have told you about, then you will be able to maintain your floors easily. But, of course, you have to agree that all of the methods are simple ones, so even a beginner will be able to finish fixing dents successfully.

Surely, do implement these methods for a visible change and hope we have given you a better idea on how to fix dents in prefinished hardwood floor.

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