How To Fix Loose Floor Tile – Without Removing Tile

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Is it really not annoying when you are walking and you hear a hollow sound from beneath your tiles or if they are loose and move every time you step on them? Even though it does not affect the physical appearance of the flooring, you always have an irrational fear that it might just break. There are many reasons for this, and this will be discussed, but we are here to mainly help you fix this loose tile on your own. So read along the article to find out how to fix loose floor tile.

Reasons For A Loose Tile

One of the most common reasons behind a loose tile is that as the house becomes older, the walls and the floors naturally make minute shifts. However, this will not be visible to us, and you will not be able to feel it either.

Usually, when the tiles are laid down, the is a small gap left between the wall and the tiles so that the tiles will be able to expand in the future and will be laid on perfectly, but if this gap is not there, then it will cause the tiles to become loose or to crack in the future. So make sure of this while you lay your tiles next time.

Other reasons that cause the tiles to loosen up are the changes in the temperature, differences in surface, etc.

How To Fix Loose Floor Tiles:

There is only one method that experts use to fix loose tile; there are no other methods. Do not panic; it is a fairly straightforward process to do on your own.


  • Make sure to read the whole article and the instructions thoroughly before starting to fix your tiles. Do not start working on it as you read.
  • Ensure to have all your safety equipment ready before starting. This is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend you to use them.

In case you have sensitive skin, then make sure to wear thick rubber gloves before touching the products. If you have any respiratory issues like asthma or dust allergy, then make sure to wear a mask because once you drill a little, there will be dust. Lastly, wear any eye protection if you wear contact lenses as the dust particles might get in your eye and irritate you.

Step One: Drill A Hole

how to fix loose tiles in bathroom

You will need a drilling machine for this step. You can either buy one in the nearby hardware shops, or you can just borrow one.

Take the drill and start drilling on the grout beside the tile, which is loose. The grout is the material that is used to fill the narrow space between your make sure they stay in place. Make a clean hole down the grout; there is no need to go deep; you will automatically know when to stop when you drill.

Step Two: Fill The Hole

fix a floor alternative

Once you have drilled a hole, take a floor fixing adhesive in a spout (look further below for more information about it), or mostly they are available in that kind of packaging.

Place the spout on the hole and start pumping the fixing adhesive slowly into the floor until you can see the adhesive overflow from the hole you drilled.

About the floor fixing adhesives, there are many kinds, but the most commonly used and convenient one recommended by experts is Fix-A-Floor bonding adhesives which help restore loose tiles. Just almost every other product, you can find it on any e-commerce website like Simply click on the words “Fix-A-Floor” located above, and it will directly take you to the Amazon shopping page of the adhesive.

Step Three: Wipe The Excess

Once the adhesive has started to overflow, take a wet/damp sponge and wipe out the excess which spilled over. Again, make sure not to use too much water to do this. It is okay if there is still some residue adhesive left; you can wipe it off later, but just make sure that water does not enter the filled hole.

Step Four: Curing

The next thing you need to do is let the adhesive cure, and for this, you will need something that is heavy.

Take a big bucket of water and place this bucket on top of the tile you just filled. This will help eliminate any air bubbles and will allow the tiles to cure.

Step Five: Wait 

Yep, that is right! The fifth step is just to wait. You will have to wait for at least 24 hours for the tiles to cure and let the bucket of water be there the whole time, do not move it.

Step Six: Repeat Step Three

Twenty-four hours after the tiles curing process is over and now you just have to repeat the third step and wipe off the excess adhesive from the floor using a damp sponge. This time make sure to clean thoroughly without any residue.

Step Seven: Reapply The Grout

Once it is all dried and clean, buy some grout from your local hardware shop, and using your fingers, take a little bit of it and spread it over the white spot on the seams between your tiles where you used the strong bond glue to stick your tiles down. Make sure the grout you buy matches the color of the existing ones so that it will blend well.

After this dries, clean it one last time!

Step Eight: Congratulate Yourself!

Yay! You have done it! Pat yourself on the back for successfully completing the whole process so well! Good job!

If we are all being honest little things like fixing our own tiles gives you a weird sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when you do it for the first time. You feel independent and confident. Although it is just a simple task, you still managed to do very well, and kudos to you for that!

As you can already tell, how to fix loose floor tile is not that scary, and in fact, it is very simple if you just followed the instructions clearly and properly. Hope you found this article clear and useful to fix loose tiles on your own!

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