How to get Dry Slime Out of your Carpet? [4 Easy Methods]

By Mats Hub Team

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This article is for all the parents whose kids love playing with slime! We are here to help you through your scrubbing journey. Sure, slimes are fun to play with, but not when you’re the one who has to clean them.

Slime, if kept exposed to air for a long time, becomes hard and solidifies on the surface. If it’s stuck on a surface that has too many layers, good luck scrubbing it off! Let us help you get rid of the slime and get back your precious carpet.

Tools You Need

There are some easily available tools to help you get rid of the hard sticky substance stuck on your carpet. The tools required are:

  • Bucket
  • Scrub
  • Damp towel
  • Heat source

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dry Slime

Getting rid of slime is definitely less about the tools to use and more about the fluids, and shockingly, the amount of scrubbing you are willing to do.

Using Vinegar

White Vinegar

Vinegar, no doubt, is one of the best cleaning agents out there. Especially, white vinegar. The acidity in vinegar breaks down the slime and melts it. This melted flowy slime can then be washed off with a damp towel. Below are the steps to use vinegar the right way.

  1. Place a damp towel over the damaged area.
  2. Plugin your heating iron and press down on the stain over the damp cloth. The heat will help melt the slime and make your job ten times easier.
  3. Slowly remove the damp towel while taking off most of the slime along with it.
  4. Pour vinegar (white) all over the area.
  5. Squeeze a few drops of soap or shampoo.
  6. Scrub really hard. It might take a few minutes, sadly.
  7. Leave it for 5-8 minutes.
  8. Repeat the process until you see noticeable progress.
  9. Place the damp cloth and provide heat to the stain again.
  10. You might have to pick up slime pieces with your nails.
  11. Make sure, after all the scrubbing, the carpet is dried properly.
  12. Vacuum clean the damaged part.

Using Hot Water

The heat coming from water does the same job as that of the iron in the previous technique. You don’t have to boil the water, simply warm it enough to be used as hot shower water. This method could be the easiest one you will find on the internet and the most hassle-free one too. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Remove all the excess slime with a tissue.
  2. You might have to pluck with a dry towel.
  3. Take half a bucket of water and warm it.
  4. Take a damp cloth and dip it completely in the warm water and squeeze out the excess water.
  5. Place it on the stain and press downwards. The increase in temperature and pressure will melt the hard slime.
  6. After applying pressure for a minute or two, wipe in a circular pattern and pluck off the sticky slime simultaneously.
  7. You will have to repeat this step again and again.
  8. In the end, scrub the stain and let the carpet dry.
  9. Vacuum clean all the residue that’s hiding between the fibers of the carpet.

Important Tips

Carpets make your room look pretty, but not if they have slime stains over it. Also, in the process of getting rid of the stains, you shouldn’t ruin your carpet fibers, Should you? Hence, below are some points that you must keep in mind before you get going with scrubbing.

  • Do not use water that’s too hot for the carpet.
  • Using extremely hot water can fade away the color of your carpet.
  • Do not use strong cleaning detergents on your carpet.
  • Strong detergents degrade the quality of the carpet leaving you with an easily noticeable dark spot.
  • Always squeeze away excess water first and then place it on the carpet.
  • If the carpet absorbs a lot of water, then there might be chances of fungal and bacterial growth underneath the carpet. It might also affect the hardwood floor beneath it.
  • Always wear gloves if you’re using any kind of chemical-based fluids.
  • Always read the instructions given on the product container before you use it on your carpet. Do your research!

Alternatives to Vinegar

If you are looking for an alternative to use vinegar, we have got your back! But make sure that if you do not practice the following steps properly, you might ruin your carpet. So read the steps carefully.

Rubbing Alcohol

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Rubbing alcohol could be the next best thing after vinegar. It is a stronger version of vinegar but milder than most cleaning agents. First, try using rubbing alcohol on a tiny hidden spot on the carpet to see if the carpet reacts to rubbing alcohol in a negative way or not.

  1. Remove excess slime from the carpet.
  2. Wet the area with warm water.
  3. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol over the stains.
  4. Spread it evenly.
  5. Rest it for 8-10 minutes.
  6. Damp off the residue with a towel.
  7. Scrub if there is still some slime stuck to the fibers of the carpet.
  8. Vacuum the residue off.


Lifestyle TK Surprising Uses For a Can of WD 40 105

This can be directly applied to the stain. Here too, pour a few drops on a hidden part of the carpet to check whether it damages it or not. WD-40 is a strong washing detergent so please be careful while handling it. Use the same steps mentioned above for rubbing alcohol and you will be good to go!


Removing dried slime off the carpet is a strength-demanding job. It’s more about how hard you scrub without damaging the carpet. It’s also about what product you use while scrubbing and the techniques you apply to get rid of that substance.

We hope that this article has helped you gain insights into slime removal. You can opt for any method mentioned above as all of them are very effective, but remember to select the right one according to your need. Remember, hot water and high pressure melt away the slime! Happy cleaning!

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