How to Get Wrinkles Out of Carpet Without a Stretcher?

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Wrinkles and folds on carpets are normal things that happen quite often but keeping the carpet in that wrinkled form can damage the look of the carpet, causing permanent folds, and damaging the floor beneath it.

So, we have come up with five solutions to get rid of all the wrinkles and folds your carpet has. Also, these solutions do not involve using a carpet stretcher.

What Causes the Carpet to Shrink or Wrinkle?

There are few factors that affect the behavior of carpets if exposed to them for a long time. Check them out below-

  • Moisture: Moisture is a big no when it comes to taking care of your carpets. After the carpet soaks in moisture, the fibres of the carpet start swelling. This increase in the size of the fibres loosens the grip of the carpet onto the floor causing folds and wrinkles.
  • Wrong installation: The wrong installation can include not sweeping the floor before starting the installation process. It also includes not stretching the carpet enough. The next step is moving to the opposite side of the edge and working on that portion of the floor. Fixing the carpet around built-in-furniture must be done at the end.
  • Excess heat: Excess heat is a big no when working on man-made material carpets. Carpets made of nylon or polypropylene are sensitive to heat and can melt and decolorize. If using a steamer over the carpet, make sure to first place a wet towel and then do over the carpet.
  • Heavy furniture: Heavy furniture causes deep dents on carpets. The only way to avoid them is to change their position or keep on rotating the carpet every once in a while. At least once a month, flip your carpet and lay it flat for an hour. This will flatten all the folds caused by heavy items lying on the carpet.

Top 4 Effective Ways to Make Carpet Wrinkles Disappear

When all the dust enters the gaps between your carpets and the floor, it remains there until the dust is physically swept off. If you drop any liquids right next to the carpet, the fluid might enter those gaps and will simply make cleaning difficult for you.

So, choose the best way of reforming your wrinkled carpet into a straight one, out of the four ways given below.

Using a knee kicker

how to get bumps out of carpet

If you are new to the concept of using a knee kicker, read along to know how to.

  1. A knee kicker, as the name suggests, is put into action by pushing it with your knee while balancing your body weight on your other knee.
  2. It has grooves on one end that hold on to the carpet. You simply have to press down the groove part to get a good hold on the carpet.
  3. Once the knee kicker is stuck to the carpet, kick the other rectangular cushioned end in the direction you wish to stretch the carpet.
  4. While kicking the tool, use both your hands to stretch the carpet in the same direction.
  5. After getting rid of the wrinkles and folds, fix up the carpet by hammering it down on the carpet tack strip.

Using ice cubes

how to fix carpet that has bubbled

Since there is liquid involved in this process, it is advisable to check whether your carpet changes color while in contact with water. Select a spot on the carpet, preferably a hidden one, and test how the carpet reacts to water. If there are no significant or noticeable changes in the color of the spot, you are good to go. If you notice discoloration, we do not recommend this method.

  1. The ice cube solution is for small wrinkled or dented areas. Take an ice cube and place it over the dent.
  2. Let it melt away.
  3. Before the carpet soaks away all the water, take a toothbrush and comb the fibres of the carpet.
  4. Do so in an outward direction.
  5. After fluffing up the wet region, use a hairdryer or any hot air blower and dry off all the wetness.

Using a steam iron

 how to get wrinkles out of area rug without a stretcher

This method is used to remove furniture creases and dents. If your carpet is sensitive to water, this is the way to go. As this method involves heat, make sure your carpet is not sensitive when exposed to heat. So, here are the steps to use a steam iron to vanish carpet crease and wrinkles.

  1. To cut off direct heat from the steamer, take a water-soaked cloth and place it above the crease. Never forget this step as the heat might damage the carpet.
  2. Fill the steamer with water and pre-heat it to a suitable temperature.
  3. Use the rapid burst setting and go over the towel. The heat will loosen up the carpet fibres and fluff them up.
  4. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to even up the fibres of the carpet.

Weighing the wrinkles down

how to get crease out of carpet

This could be one of the easiest ways to get rid of wrinkles and folds. Simply, place a heavy object such as a pile of books or a showpiece over the folds. Keep these items over the folds for at least an hour.

If this doesn’t work, try flipping the carpet and lay it down flat for an hour. The floor and the weight of the carpet will automatically push the folds inside.

How to Restretch or Re-instal a Carpet Without Using a Stretcher

If there are many dents and creases to deal with and you find it easier to simply remove the entire carpet and restretch it, we have the perfect method to help you out with it. You can use this method to replace your old carpet with a new one. Read along to know how.

  1. Peel the old carpet. Please do so by starting with one corner and pulling it towards yourself. If the pull is rough, use a screwdriver to manually detach the carpet from the tack strip.
  2. The pulling of the carpet will reveal another layer of padding. To reuse this padding for your next carpet installation, carefully remove all the staples stuck on it with needle-nose pliers or a screwdriver. Make sure you get all of them out so that there aren’t many holes created in the padding due to the staples.
  3. Remove the carpet padding exactly the way you ripped the carpet out.
  4. Use a screwdriver and a hammer to detach the tack strip from the floor. These tack strips have built-in nails that will take you ages to remove. So, use thick gloves to perform this step.
  5. Hammer the tip of the screwdriver into the gap between the tack strip and the floor and lift it up. Continue doing so for the entire strip that used to border the carpet.
  6. Use a pair of tin snips to cut out the new tacks. Keep your gloves on to avoid any cuts and bruises due to the needles on the strips.
  7. Hammer down the new tacks by placing a chisel or pry bar over the protruding nails. Hammer the chisel and make sure the nails face the walls and not towards you.
  8. Place the padding right above the new tack strips. Cut the parts that are obstructed by corners. Do so by using a utility knife. Cut the piece of padding that covers the tack strip. Make sure that the padding fits perfectly within the tack strip frame.
  9. Repeat the same process for the carpet. Make sure the carpet covers and sits right on the tack strip. Cut out the extra part of the carpet with a utility knife by bending it towards you and starting from the outside to the inside.
  10. Use a knee kicker to stretch out the carpet at the edges. Simultaneously, make sure the carpet gets fixed over the tack strip.

Stretch and seal that portion of the carpet that is nearest to a door. Then stretch and seal the carpet on the opposite side of the door. Deal with the carpet touching built-in furniture at the end. When you reach the built-in parts of the room, first, cut the excess carpet with a carpet cutter. Secondly, use a utility knife to cut small portions of the carpet next to corners and edges. Push the edges of the carpet into the tack strip.

How to Prevent Carpet Wrinkles and Folds

Here are some simple ways to effectively prevent carpet wrinkles and creases. Do these activities at least twice a month.

  • Move furniture regularly: By moving furniture regularly, you are reducing the impact of the weight of the furniture at a fixed point. This enables easy recovery from dents and wrinkles, bringing the affected region back to its original place.
  • Rotate your carpet: If you have a loose carpet, it is advisable to rotate it often. In this way, you can flatten out the wrinkles and give your room a new look.
  • Use rug pads: Rug pads add an extra layer of cushioning to the carpet. They are placed between the floor and the carpet. They not only provide comfort while walking on the carpet but also keep the carpet straight enough to form any folds.


Carpets surely amplify the look of the room but fail to do so if there are any wrinkles and creases on it. We hope this article has shown you how wrinkles and creases are caused and what you can do to prevent them. More importantly, be aware of the material of your carpet or ask the same to any hardware store to select the best way to get rid of wrinkles on your carpet without using a carpet stretcher.

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