How Do You Clean A Sisal Rug- Simple 4 Methods

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Natural plant-based fibers extracted from a cactus plant called Agave Sisalana are the materials that are used to make the sisal rugs! While everyone is making efforts to transition to a life that is more eco-friendly and sustainable, sisal rugs are the perfect choice for someone who is environmentally conscious and does not want to pollute mother earth.

However, you might be wondering that these rugs will be very difficult to clean or just about how do you clean a sisal rug. Let me assure you; it is very simple!

Before learning how to clean it, let us give you some insight into the material! It is an all-natural hence you will be making a smart decision for the environment, but it is not just that there are many advantages to using them like:

  • They are highly durable because the natural plant-based fibers are really strong and do not wear out that quickly.
  • They give a nice homey and natural look to your home because they are usually available in neutral tones, which will help complement all of your furniture.
  • They also do not attract any dust, and they are naturally anti-bacterial as no kind of bacteria can enter the stiff fibers.
  • Since it does not collect dust, it is very easy to clean and read further to find out about how do you clean sisal rug?
  • They are also cheap and come in different shapes and sizes according to your liking.

How To Clean A Sisal Rug

how to clean a sisal rug dog vomit

These are relatively straightforward to clean. As already mentioned, they do not collect any dust, sand, or fine dirt particles. They are also naturally anti-microbial, which makes them a great choice!

Method One: To Remove Stains From Liquids,

It is only human for us to be clumsy and messy, and at times our clumsiness will cost you your brand new carpet. You have spilled a drink, food, paint, blood, etc. You can remove them easily, but you will have to act quickly!

First, grab an undyed cloth or paper towel (preferably a cloth or old rag because they are more environment friendly, you can reuse them, and it absorbs more liquid) and quickly clean whatever that you have dropped on the sisal rug.

Once you have wiped it off the rug, get some lukewarm water and some soap (It can be any kind of soap like dishwashing liquid, shampoo, detergent, or a particular carpet cleaner) but make sure that the soap has a neutral ph. Next, dip the cloth in some lukewarm water and some soap and gently try to scrub off the stain from the sisal rug.

The next step is to quickly dry it using a hairdryer or use just let it dry under the fan. Make sure to let it dry immediately and do not let the rug be damp because it can damage it and cause it to wear out.

Method Two: To Remove Stains from Cosmetic Items,

I can totally understand when you have not yet finished your makeup and your date or company for the night is almost close to your home. So you run around the house like a headless chicken getting multiple things done at the same time, and you accidentally drop your eyeshadow palette on your sisal rug, and some of it spills out, staining the carpet!

Now, worry not! I got you covered (also really sorry about the palette, hope it is fine!)

Grab a blunt knife or just any instrument to scrape the product off the rug gently, and just like in the previous method, grab a damp undyed cloth, but for this situation, you will have to use a dry cleaning agent. Experts also suggest that you use tetra or petroleum solvents and gently dab the stain with the solvent and check if it cleans the makeup. If it is, then you are in luck; slowly clean off the whole stain.

Note: Make sure not to use too much solvent because it may cause the stain to spread, and again make sure to dry the carpet very quickly using a hairdryer to avoid it from getting damaged.

Method Three: Dirty Accidents,

If either you puked on the carpet or if your pet peed or pooed on the carpet, then immediately remove everything from the rug and dab it with a damp cloth. Then, press the area firmly to remove everything cleanly and make sure you clean inwards the stain to prevent it from spreading.

To remove the odor, just let the carpet take a sunbath. Yes, just let it be out in the sun for a day, and all the odor will be naturally removed. You can also make a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water and gently dab some of it into the carpet.

Note: Do not use too much water! Be as sparing as you can with water as humidity can damage the sisal rug.

Method four: Normal Cleaning,

For everyday cleaning, you can just make use of a vacuum. It is recommended by experts that you vacuum your sisal carpet once a week. Ensure to use a gentle vacuum attachment that will not damage the rug and make it wear out!

In case your rug is sewn together, then make sure to vacuum in the same direction as the weaving. Do not use the vacuum directly on the seem or the edges as it may cause the stitching to become weak.

Some general tips:

  • Use dry cleaning agents. Moisture, in general, is terrible for carpets and especially sisal rugs because they are made out of all-natural products. Moisture content will cause it to wear out sooner. So ensure to use dry cleaning products and less water.
  • For stains, you can use other commonly available household products like club soda and white vinegar. As previously mentioned, you can make a mixture of ¼ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of water to help you clean out stains and remove odor.
  • Another way to remove the odor is to use baking soda. Use tiny amounts of baking soda on your sisal rug, and the smell will be gone! Or you can just let the sisal rug hang out in the sun for a day like already mentioned and remove that unpleasant odor naturally.

There is so much pollution in today’s world, and the resources are depleting so quickly that we all need to start acting responsibly and have to make actively smart environmental choices. You can begin by buying eco-friendly products like sisal rugs. These do not cost more than the regular rugs. The starting point for a sisal rug is $25, and by paying $25, you will be making an environment-safe decision.

Sustainability is the key to living a happy life. It not only benefits us to be natural and have good consciousness but it will also help the future generations to enjoy on this planet earth! We do not want to leave behind a world that is not habitable anymore! So think about children and their children, and let us all vow to make good life choices that do not hurt mother Earth.

I hope you found this article helpful and answered all your doubts about “how do you clean a sisal rug ?” These are just simple tips that you can follow to make sure your rug lasts for long and looks as good as new. Even after years, it will have the same look if you just inculcate these points into your cleaning process. I also hope that the TED talk at the end inspired you a little bit and encourages you to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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