How To Carpet Stair Treads – 4 Simple Steps

By Mats Hub Team

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We always prefer to do some things on our own for our homes. It gives you this weird sense of accomplishment every time you fix something at home. One such thing which you can easily do is installing carpet treads on your stairs. If you are wondering how to carpet stair treads, then we got you! Read along with this article to find out how to do this easily.

Before you learn how to install them, let us understand what these carpet treads are.

Carpet Treads

Carpet treads are small and precisely cut carpets that you can paste or staple down onto your stairs. They are very useful for pet owners mainly because they help make the stairs less slippery, and this will, in turn, ensure the safety of their pets as they climb up and down the stairs.

These treads are helpful for us humans as we also do not want to slip. They act as a barrier between the floor and the top surface, protecting the floor from any mishaps or things that may spoil a newly laid wooden floor.

How To Install Carpet Treads?

Step One: Cleaning

how to install carpet on stairs

Take a clean damp cloth with some disinfectant on it and wipe down the staircase cleanly. It is crucial that you use a damp cloth and not use too much water to clean the stairs because too much water on the wooden floor can damage the wood.

This step is critical because once the carpet is on, there is no way for you to clean underneath the carpet on your stairs. So, it is best to clean it thoroughly before laying down the carpet.

Note: Make sure the floor is fully dry before moving on to the next steps. 

Step Two: Matching

how to install carpet stair treads

If your carpet doesn’t match the paint on the walls, then you have two options:

(By walls, I mean the space between two stairs as that will not be covered by the carpet)

  • You can find a carpet that matches your liking and the color of your walls.


  • If you did not like anything that matched the wall color, just paint your wall (the space between the stairs) to the desired color.

Step Three: Measuring

how to attach carpet stair treads

Measure the width and length of your stairs and ensure that the carpet fits the stairs the way you want it to.

Some people prefer that the carpet only partially covers the stairs, while others want the carpet to fully enclose the staircase.

Step Four: Tape

how to carpet stairs

Take out your double-sided carpet tape and measure out how much of it you will need to stick the carpet. You will have to again measure the length and the width of your stairs and cut the tape to the measured amount.

Once you have measured the tape, then place it on the corners of your carpet, both length, and width-wise.

Peel the other side of the tape, carefully center the carpet on the floor, stick it, and repeat it for the rest of the stairs.

Yes, that is all you need to do! It is that easy to install your carpet treads, and for all those who were wondering “how to carpet stair treads?” I hope this article helped you! Here is everything about how to carpet stairs.

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