How To Clean Old Damaged Wood Floors – 5 Working Methods

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It is not easy to clean old damaged wood floors, without knowing what type of finish was used on the wood floor and how much the wood is damaged. Installing a completely new floor requires a large amount, which may not be an option for everyone. So the question remains, How To Clean Old Damaged Wood Floor?

Old wood floors can be repaired and taken care of. You can fill the holes and fix the squeaky floor using nails or dry lubricant. You can remove the damaged planks, delaminated strips, and hardwood floor that was damaged by the water. You can easily replace the boards that were damaged by insects. And in the end, you can get floor refinishing done for a better look and finishing and it will protect your floor and seal it for safety from water, dirt, spills, etc.

But now it is time to learn how you can clean old damaged wood floors. We shared one of the best methods here:-

How To Clean Old Damaged Wood Floors

There are so many people using commercial products to clean their wood floors, but there is no match for homemade wood floor cleaners. Homemade cleaners include olive oil, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon and these are the best nature cleansers. On the other hand, commercial products include harmful toxic odor and chemicals that may cause problems in near future. Here we are going to share some of the best homemade methods to clean old damaged wood floors.

Tip #1 – Using Vinegar


Vinegar is an acid and when it is mixed with water, the solution’s acidity is lowered and it becomes a very effective cleaner for old and damaged floors.

But make sure before using any kind of cleaner you need to remove the dirt and debris from your floor. Make sure to sweep the floor or vacuum it to completely remove the dirt and dust etc.

Now you need to add half a cup of white vinegar to a half bucket of warm water. Then mix these two, you can also add olive oil or lavender oil for a pleasant smell. Just 5-6 drops are enough.

Put a mop inside the bucket and wring out excess water before using it on the floor. Now use this mop and clean your floor and make sure to remove all the dirt and dust with it.

You can change the water mixture in between if it is dirty. In the end after mopping check if there any water remaining on the floor. If yes then use a towel to soak the water.

Vinegar and Water solution is very effective and it is going to cut through debris, dirt, etc. and you will get your clean floor back.

Tip #2 – Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking soda and vinegar

You can also use the mixture of Baking soda and vinegar to clean your old damaged wood floors. All you need to do is follow the method given below.

You need to mix equal amounts of the baking soda and vinegar and make a paste out of it. Now keep in mind this paste is very powerful and will help you to remove all the marks and dark spots from the floor without much scrubbing.

After creating a paste, you need to apply the paste to the stains/marks using a damp cloth or sponge. Let the paste sit for 15-20 minutes or till it dries. Once it is dried wipe it and you will be able to clean the stain from the floor.

Tip #3 – Diluted Lemon Juice

clean damaged hardwood floor with lemon juice

This method is going to help you to make your damaged wood floor look shiny. Follow these simple steps:-

First, mix warm water, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bucket and mix these three. Once the mixing is done, put a cotton mop in this solution and wring it to remove the excess of the mixture, so you don’t make water pools everywhere.

Now clean the floor with this mop and if the mixture is dirty then change the mixture. You can also fill a spray bottle with this mixture and then spray it on the floor and clean with a mop. Do whatever you feel is easy for you.

In the end, clean the floor with a clean towel to pick up the excess water from the floor to avoid water soaking. Let the floor dry and you will get a clean shiny floor.

How to Care for Old Damaged Wood Floors?

If you take good care and keep maintaining your floor then your old wood floor is not going to get damaged. Maintenance involves many things and we are sharing one of the best methods to take care of your old damaged wood floors.

#1 Sweeping

sweeping damaged wood floor

Make a habit to sweep on a daily basis. Sweeping or mopping is the best way to maintain your hardwood floors.

By sweeping or mopping you will be able to remove the dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, spills, stains, etc, from the surface and prevent your floor from getting damaged by these.

#2 Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine

You can also use a cleaning machine which is specially designed to take care of hardwood floors. You can easily find one of the best high-quality hardwood floor cleaning machines in the market. And these machines are going to help you to clean your wood floor without damaging the floor.

Hardwood floor cleaner machine knows how to better clean the floor, whether it is dirt, spill, stain, or dust. The machine knows what suits the wood floor and it will clean the floor accordingly.

#3 Wipe up Spills asap

Never let the spills settle on your wood floor. It is only going to make things tough for you. As soon as you spill something on the floor make sure to wipe it. No matter if it is ink, water, coffee, tea, paint, juice, chemical, or pet urine.

You can use a mop or cloth to remove the spill asap. Try not to use too much water as it will make the situation worse if wood soaks the water.

#4 Hire Experts

If your old wood floor is damaged badly then we strongly recommend to hire experts and get your floor restored with their help.

Experts will tell you if the floor can be repaired, refinished or it requires replacement. It is going to save a lot of time and energy for you.

Final Words

We shared the best methods to clean old damaged wood floors and we also shared some tips to take care of your old wood floor. We hope you will able to clean your floor and take care of your floor with the tips we shared here.

Make sure not to spill water or try to remove the water asap. Otherwise, the floor will soak the water and it is going to take more damage. Use the tools that are built for cleaning or caring for hard wood floors.

We hope you got a better solution about how to clean old damaged wood floors. Don’t forget to share the method that worked for you in the comments. Also, share this post with others and help them.

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