How To Clean Rubber Gym Floor [9 Different Methods]

By Mats Hub Team

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A routine part of a healthy lifestyle is hitting the gym regularly to keep your body active and not be sluggish and tired. We need to trust the slow and steady process to transform our body in a good shape.

Even though they are used for developing your health regimen, in the end, they are sweaty smelly gyms in need of regular cleaning and maintenance. The carelessness of hygiene will convert the gyms into germ-spreading hubs.

Gym owners are usually responsible for checking up on the gym’s conditions and carrying out the requisites. They may hire janitors/cleaners to do so or may do it themselves. The usual chores include cleaning the urinals and showers, wiping down sweats and dirt from gym equipment, washing/wiping the gym floors, etc.

The aim of using rubber flooring for gyms is its durability, its non-susceptibility to fire and mildew, damage-resistant to physical pressures. Thus we must be mindful of the purpose.

Different Methods of Cleaning

No matter who recommends you, even if your best friend swears by it, do not, at any cost, do the ‘Lick Test’! When you have a hundred other options to achieve spick and span rubber gym floors, why do the abominable?.

The method of cleaning should take into account factors like the material of the flooring, the time when it was last cleaned, dark blotches or spots, and the current climate change, which also affects the contraction and expansion of the floor material.

Most of the methods are mentioned below-

Using Store-bought Rubber Gym Floor Cleaner

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It is a basic on the aisle of cleaning products. Affordable and easy-to-use. Good reviews and promising results.

It is pH neutral, which means no acidic or basic reactions occur when applied to the rubber floor.

Mix with water and it’s ready to use. Use a rag cloth for dipping and sweeping the rubber gym floor.

The traditional Sweeping

A traditional broom is used, and regular strokes are cast on the rubber gym floor to remove dust, dirt, crumbs, or any other solid scum. Deep cleaning or removal of stains cannot be done by this method.

This method is the best for daily cleaning and even twice a day during shifts.


A vacuum cleaner is used to eliminate all kinds of filth, soot, grime, or crud. It uses high-pressure induction and pulls in the waste through its pipe/nozzle. Also, not suitable for stain-removal or water-based cleaning.

Again, a method suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance.


A mop (microfibre/nylon based) is dipped in the cleaning solution and moved with to and fro motion on the rubber gym floor, pressing hard downwards. The movement should be carried out in fixed lanes so the dirt won’t get spilled much.

The cleaning solution may just be a mixture of regular liquid soap and water or a special cleaning agent for thorough cleaning.

Change the dirty water regularly (recommended after 2 rounds) so that the clean floors don’t get contaminated again.

Using mild detergents

The list of mild detergents consists of liquid soap, solid bars of soap, powders, gels, etc. These are mixed with warm water or just water and other cleaning products combined for scrubbing/scouring/brushing.

Using an Automatic Scrubber

Physical exertion is majorly cut down with Automatic Scrubber. The automatic feature scrubs the gym rubber floor with sharp precision and does not leave any corner or crevice, leaving a floor as good as new.

Using a Scraper

Scraper is mainly for removing ‘things’ stuck to the rubber gym floor and is too stubborn to come off with just water, detergent, cleaning solution, or any fancy machine.

A scraper has a flat rectangular/squarish head with a sharp edge and a short handle. It removes chewing gums, chocolates, candies, or any other sticky-melty material.

It does require a lot of bending and crouching but helps in removing the slime and sludge.

Using a Buffing Machine

It comes under the category of heavy-duty cleaning. A bit on the expensive side, but with its soft pads and speed, it’s the best option for those who opt for daily basis cleaning and can afford it with ease at the same time.

Using a Sealer/Shiner

This is not primarily a cleaning product; instead, it’s like an after-shave, used at the end of cleaning. This coats the rubber gym floor with a brand new shine and seals the surface from coming in contact with any dirt, solid or liquid, thus avoiding deep settling of smudges.

However, this wears off over a while, faster if the use is regular or the inflow of gym members is much more, and so reapplying every few months is necessary for a fresh look.

Important Tips

  1. Do not use hard scrubbers like steel which leave marks on the rubber gym floor.
  2. Be careful while pouring water on the rubber gym floor because excess amounts may seep through to the bottom, becoming the source of mold growth.
  3. Do not use highly acidic chemicals like phenyl, vinegar, or ammonia.
  4. Use a soft cloth (microfiber/cotton) while mopping or scrubbing the rubber gym floor, which is compatible with the rubber material and does not work against it.
  5. Proper drying is mandatory to preserve the quality of the rubber.
  6. Warm water usage goes a long way.
  7. Any spills must be immediately cleaned to avoid excess hard work.
  8. The new rubber gym floor smell is usually not liked by most gym-goers, which we can easily get rid of by regular cleaning (implying daily).


Cleaning can often be the most uninteresting of jobs needed to be done unless, of course, you are a cleanliness freak. The process is slightly longer and may even make you gag more often, but it is imperative to be done.

The above-mentioned methods will surely help you in your quest of attaining a non-smelly, non-sweaty clean gym. The methods have been tested numerous times, and changes have been made through experience and only then included in the list. So the chances of them not working is close to none.

Fit and clean. That’s the way to go!

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