How To Clean Textured Shower Floor? [4 Ways]

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If you got a textured floor installed in your bathroom for the sake of friction between your feet and the floor so that you wouldn’t unexpectedly fall and hurt yourself, then we know your struggle and we got you. A clean, smooth floor might be easy to clean with a mop or a sponge, but that isn’t the case here. Here, we will learn how to clean textured shower floor.

The cracks and crevices on the floor allow the scum and dirt to sit on them, which only makes it harder for you to reach and clean. You can try using different scrubbers and scrub it hard, but that too might end up damaging the floor. So let’s see how you can get your textured floor to sparkle.

Products that you can use to clean textured bathroom floor

There are many ways to get your textured floors clean and several products to get help from. All of them are easily available and gentle on the floor, so you don’t have to worry much. Let’s dive into it one by one.


how to remove stains from shower floor

Using ammonia is by far the cheapest and the best option available. While using ammonia, make sure you don’t have any bleach on the floor because when ammonia is mixed with bleach, it gives a toxic gas and makes it harder to breathe.

Ammonia works well for oily and greasy scum. You’ll have to pour it over the floor and let it sink in for a few minutes. Then scrub it off with a hard brush and rinse it with water.

Baking soda

how to clean stone shower floor

Baking soda makes the dirt and scum dissolve in water, making it an effective way of cleaning. Take a small bowl and mix the required amount of baking soda with a little bit of water and make a paste. Then get a hard scrubber and pour the paste on it and start rubbing it on the floor. Make sure to rub horizontally, vertically, and in circular motions to get your hands on all cracks and crevices.

Once you’re done scrubbing, run the shower and rinse off the floor. Angle the showerhead in different directions to cover the whole area and let the water rinse off the residue. When you’re done, you can wet and dry vacuum the floor so that it sucks in the remaining residues of dirt and scum that are still left in the cracks.


cleaning shower floor with oven cleaner

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and an amazing stain remover. Using vinegar is very simple, and you’ll have to follow the same procedures as baking soda.

Take a small bowl, pour vinegar into it, then add baking soda and stir it quickly till it makes a paste. Remember not to add vinegar to baking soda because it creates a volcanic effect.

When the mixture is ready, pour it on the textured floor and allow it to sit for 12-15 minutes to loosen the grim and dirt. Then use a hard scrubber or an old toothbrush and scrub it hard in all directions, and make sure you get all the dirt out.

Once you’re done, you can rinse it to clean and then suck it dry with a vacuum cleaner and remove all the residues.

Mineral Oil

how to clean shower floor tiles

Take four parts of mineral oil to one part warm water and mix it well. Pour the mixture generously on the textured floor and use a scrubber to rub it well all over the cracks. The mineral oil will help to loosen dirt so that it will be easier to remove.

After that, use vinegar and warm water to rinse the floor. The mineral oil we used might still stick to the floors, making them slippery. So continue to clean the floor with vinegar and warm water till you know the floor isn’t slippery anymore.

Daily habits that will keep your textured floor clean

The above mentioned are the ways you can implement to clean your textured shower floors. But there are other ways you can learn and use every day to keep the scum and grim residue on your floors minimal.

Get rid of soap scum

shower floor cleaning hacks

Soap scum that comes as a result of everyday bathing is a combination of dead skin cells, soap lather, body oils, and salt, and other minerals. It can form a residue on shower drains, walls, doors, and mainly on the floors. They usually form very fast in houses that use hard water.

This happens because the floor is constantly wet and damp. So to avoid that, you can ensure correct cross ventilation and try to keep the doors and windows open during the day. If you try to keep the floor as dry as possible, you’ll have much less trouble cleaning it.

Clean the floor after every bath

What can I use to clean my shower floor?

After you’re done having a shower, get a mop and simply wipe the floor clean. This will avoid soap lather and oil sticking to the floor. It is not necessary to use all the cleaning agents on a daily basis, just a simple mop will do.

When left to dry without wiping the floor, that scum and dirt will stick to the cracks and crevices, which makes it harder to get rid of later. You can use cleaning agents once or twice a month, but simply wipe the floor every time you take a bath.

Walls and doors

How do you clean textured shower walls?

While showering, water tends to splash on the walls and doors of the bathroom. Like wiping the floors after every bath, try to keep the walls and doors dry by wiping them on a regular basis. With all these little insights, you’ll be able to maintain your floors in great condition for a long time.


And with this, we come to the end of our article. We have gone through everything to let you know how to clean your textured bathroom floors and also how to maintain them in the long run. On-time organized cleaning and changing small habits can definitely help you out with this. Make your floors shine!

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