How To Clean Unsealed Wood Floors?

By Mats Hub Team

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Wooden floors are durable and make the home décor very classic and presentable. On the contrary, when it comes to cleaning the unsealed floors, it is not only tough but requires specific cleaning products too.

The wood soaks up the moisture that is smeared on the floor. To avoid this, cleaning products should be used in appropriate quantities. In this article, we have summarized a few tips and steps that you can follow to learn how to clean unsealed wood floors.

Materials required to clean unsealed wood floors are a mop, bucket, water, vinegar, cloth or rag, and broom.

Steps to Clean the Floor

  1. The common mistake that people make while cleaning the wood floor is that they start by cleaning it with water. Instead, you should start with a broom. Sweep the floor completely and get rid of all the solid dust particles that are visible. If we skip this step then the big dust particles dissolve in the water making it dirty which will further make the floor dirtier.
  2. After you have swept the floor, please ensure that you check whether or not the wood grains of the broom picked up the dust particles from all the nooks and corners of the room.
  3. Now to mop the floor, fill the bucket with water. Add a small amount of vinegar around ¼ cup per gallon of water.
  4. This mixture of water and vinegar will act as a perfect floor cleaner. Use a mop or a cloth to wipe the floor. Dip the cloth that you would be using in the cleaner and make sure that it is thoroughly rung out to prevent dampening the wood unnecessarily. Dampening of wood ruins it in the long run so this is the most important step.
  5. However, if you are doing it for the first time, it is likely that the floor might get too wet the first few times you clean the floor. You will get the hang of it after you have done it a few times. In such a case, follow the mop with a dry cloth to make sure that the extra water is absorbed before the moisture seeps in and ruins the wood floor.
  6. After following these steps, let the floor dry completely. You can switch on the fans to speed up the drying part.
  7. Please ensure that no one steps on or walks on the wet floor unnecessarily before the floor dries out completely as it will make the floor more dirty.

Protecting Your Floor

There are ways to protect the flooring too, especially if you have hired someone to clean the house. To make sure that the wood of the floor is protected, waxes can be applied to the surface. It is difficult to remove these waxes once applied.

Please do not apply any sort of wax if the wood will be sealed. As it is time-consuming to remove.

If there is any probability of the floor getting sealed or refurbished in the near future, then it is not a good idea to use commercial products for cleaning the floor as doing that might leave a remnant.

Alternative Ways of Cleaning the Floor

For wiping the floor, substances such as mineral spirits can be utilized as well. But make sure that after wiping the floor with mineral spirit, you clean it again with a dry cloth to get rid of any residue.

A very smart way is to invest in decorative rugs and runners and cover the floor with them to avoid the dirt from building up in the long run. It will act as picturesque home décor as well as protect the floor at the same time.

Protecting unsealed hardwood floors

Unsealed hardwood floors look presentable but its bad side is that it does not have a protective layer and it’s likely to get affected with the change in the weather condition in the surroundings. Before you go ahead and seal them, it is important to make sure that they are cleaned completely as floors that do not have a protective layer can trap dirt particles easily and get dirty in no time. Cleaning the untreated floors thoroughly is very essential.

Follow the steps given above and clean it using a dry cloth first and foremost and get rid of the dust and dirt. We discuss how to clean an old unfinished wood floor in the next few paragraphs.

Protecting an old unfinished hardwood flooring

In today’s times, modern houses are well-furnished and their hardwood floors are properly sealed and finished but that is not the case with houses that were built in older times. They need to be carefully cleaned regularly to maintain their look and for them to last longer. A very paramount thing to take care of with such floors is to keep them away from any contact with water or moisture.

It is not a good idea to mop the unsealed floor with water or cleaners that are liquid-based. Please determine whether your hardwood floor is sealed or not so you can clean it accordingly. Ensure that any water-based cleaner or water is used if you are not sure whether or not the wooden floor is sealed.

Moisture and liquids can have bad effects on unsealed floors in the long run. If it is exposed to water or liquid-based products regularly, the wood gets ruined over time. Whenever water is spilled or you end up using extra water while cleaning it, always wipe the excess water with a dry cloth.


Maintaining unsealed wooden floors is crucial. Therefore, we listed the methods that can be used to clean the floor. You need to pay attention to those floors that are finished but might have damaged seals, dents, gaps, and cavities. Water can damage these floors too as it can penetrate through the openings.

We hope this article helped you with how to clean unsealed wood floors, so make sure to strictly follow the instructions and the safety measures to avoid any kind of problems or harm to your comfort. Happy Cleaning!

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