How To Fill Cracks In Wood Floor – 4 Working Methods

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Nobody likes a cracked floor. Not only does it spoil the whole look of your home or office, but it also will be dangerous for you because you can hurt yourself if you are not careful. Cracked floors give us a lot of trouble, and they need to be fixed right away, and it is also super simple for you to fix it by yourself. Follow along with this article on how to fill cracks in wood floor.

We have a list of different detailed methods that you can use to fix the cracks on your floor. These are very straightforward and effective methods using products that are easily available in your local hardware stores and even on e-commerce websites like Amazon.

How To Fill Cracks In Wood Floor

You can hire a professional to do this, but you do not want to spend that many dollars on fixing small cracks. At home, you will only need to speed up to $20 to repair these cracks.

Method One: Fill Paste

how to fix split hardwood floor

If your wood floors just have small cracks or gaps, then this will be perfect for you. First, take a damp cloth and wipe the surface clean. Please do not use too much water as it may cause it to damage your wood floor.

Once you have cleaned your floor well, take any brand of wood filling paste that suits your type of wooden floor the best and take little amounts of it on your index finger and start applying it on the cracks in a circular motion until the gaps are fully filled. Repeat this process for all the cracks on your wood floor and allow it to fully dry. Once dried, take a damp cloth and wipe off any excess paste that is there on the floor in an up and down motion.


  • Do not use too much pressure while cleaning the excess; gently clean off only the residue and not the whole thing.
  • Use gloves or a small spatula if you have sensitive skin.


  • If the paste does not match the colour of your wood floor, then you buy some stainer in that colour and stain the top of the cracks you filled so that they match the rest of the flooring.

Method Two: Sticking Wooden Strips

how to fill large gaps in wood

This method is a little tricky, and you will need to concentrate on finishing it properly. Make sure to read the instruction thoroughly before starting your work. Do not read as you work because you might miss out on essential details and hence not get the desired effect.

If you have any of your wood left from when it was first installed, then great because you can make use of that. If you do not have any leftover wood from your, floor then just buy some that will match your floor.

Once you have the wood ready, start measuring out the gaps between your floor. Mark these measurements onto your wood and once measure out, using a table saw or any kind of instrument that cuts wood and cut out the exact amount of wood you measured.

This can be a little tricky, but you have to make sure that you take the precise measurements, or else the wood will just not fit in the gaps.

Once you have cut the wood piece to apply wood glue to both sides and slowly wedge it into the gaps; use a mallet or a hammer, and strike the wood gently so that it fits in the hole perfectly. Wipe off any excess glue and allow the glue to dry all the way through.

Once the glue is dry and the wood in place, take sanding paper and sand off any high spots or uneven surfaces. Do this very carefully because as you do not want to damage the wood surrounding it, and once you sand it, wipe the floor.

If your wood does not match the rest of the floor, then you can just stain it after sanding it.

Method Three: Ropes

wood filler for floors

Using ropes may seem a little unconventional, but trust us, it works.

First, measure out the amount of jute rope that you will need and stain it in a dye that matches your wood floor. Let the rope get fully stained and dry.

Once you have done that, clean the floor properly using a vacuum and use a flat-head screw to dig out any dirt in there. After cleaning, slowly start pushing the rope into the gaps until it is tightly fit. Using a sharp knife trim off any excess rope and make sure it matches the gap perfectly.

For this to last long, apply a little wood glue in the gaps and then put the rope on top.

Method Four: Wood Chips

filling gaps in hardwood floors sawdust

You need to make sure that the floor cracks are clean for this one too. So, first, clean out any debris or dirt in the crevices using a vacuum. Once you do that, take some sawdust or wood chips and start filling the cracks. Fill it until it is tightly packed.

You can also mix them in clear epoxy gels or wood floor putty and fill them up. This will make sure that they will last for a long period of time. Apply wood stain on top of the woods chips and sawdust to match with the rest of the flooring.

The first method mentioned in the article is the best option for people who do not have any experience dealing with hardware products or are not used to fix things. It is simple, and you do not need to measure anything—just the putty and start filling those gaps and cracks.

I always think that fixing things around our house gives us a strange sense of authority and responsibility. I always feel proud after I fix even the most minor thing in my house, and so should you! No work is greater or lesser than another.

You have to keep working hard and but also make sure to pause and take a breather every once in a while. Take a chill pill, enjoy what you do with all your dedication, and victory will be on your way.

You got this! You can quickly fix all the cracks in your wood floor. I hope this article about how to fill gaps in a wood floor helps you out.

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