How To Get Gak Out Of Carpet? (Simple Steps)

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In the 90s Nickelodeon Gak was a very popular toy and it was Nickelodeon’s signature goo toy. It was cheap and was one of the iconic toys in the 90s. Playing with Gak is fun but when it get stuck onto your carpet, it is very hard to remove especially when it is dried.

Don’t worry if you are facing a problem while getting gak out of your carpet. We are going to help you step by step to remove gak from carpet without damaging your precious carpet.

If the gak is just on a single spot then you are in luck but if you got the gak all over your carpet then you got a busy day. Well, try to get out whatever you can pull easily.

But to remove the stuck and dried one we are going to use a different approach which is not going to ruin your carpet. Even though you remove all the Gak, still you will be able to see a stain on your carpet which we are also going to take care of.

Now without wasting much let’s go ahead and start the process to get gak out of carpet:-

Method To Get Gak Out Of Carpet

how to get gak out of carpet

First, we are going to try and remove the gak out of the carpet by using the following methods. Make sure to gently follow these steps and not ruin your carpet.

  1. First, we need to apply some heat on the Gak as it is dried out. Pulling the dried Gak will pull the fabric with it. So first with the help of a heat gun or hairdryer, we are going to apply some heat on the Gak. It will make it soft and we will be able to pull it without any damage to your carpet.
  2. Wrap a piece of cellophane around your hands and then pull the Gak out of the carpet. Make sure to pull the Gak only when it is not hard. If Gak is hardening again then reheat it and then pull it gently out of the carpet. Put the Gak into a container for safety.
  3. Now we successfully removed the gak from the carpet. It is time to take care of the stain. For that, you need a bucket. Fill the bucket about 1/3 with warm water. Add laundry detergent in warm water around a capful. Mix the detergent and water.
  4. To clean the carpet we need a soft-bristle cleaning brush. Dip the brush into the mixture of warm water and detergent and then scrub the carpet area where the Gak was stuck. This process will help you to remove every bit of the remaining gak from the carpet.
  5. Now we have successfully removed the gak and stain from the carpet and it is time to let the carpet dry. Once it is completely dry you can vacuum your carpet so that the fibers can return to their original shape.


So these are the steps to get gak out of carpet without damaging your carpet. There is one more method out there which some people claimed working. If you don’t have a hairdryer or a heat gun then you can use ice cubes to get the gak out of your carpet.

Just take a plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes, then place that bag on the gak for a minimum of two hours. It will loosen the grip of Gak and then you can use a plastic knife to scrape the gak from the carpet. Repeat until the Gak is completely removed and in the end-use detergent and warm water mixture to scrub the carpet to clean it completely and let it dry.

You can use this alternative method also to remove gak from the carpet. Let us know in the comment which method worked for you. If you got any questions just leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer you.

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