How to Get Glue Out of Carpet? [4 Easiest Methods]

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Whether it is art and craft time for children or fixing and repairing things around the house for adults, adhesives do get the job done. At the same time, they are responsible for doubling up our work if we handle them carelessly.

We are going to show you some effective ways you can get rid of glue from your carpet and bring it to its natural look. There is a lot of scrapping and blotting involved so, get ready to get your hands dirty. Later in this article, we will also recommend some effective and bestselling stain removers that will ease your job.

Ways to Get Glue Out of Carpets

These methods include ingredients and chemicals you will find at home or at your local supermarket. We have also linked some products that you can find online on Amazon. Let’s start with the various methods to get off the adhesive from the carpet fibres.

Distilled white vinegar and dish soap

how to get hair glue out of carpet

  • Removing excess glue: If the glue hasn’t hardened yet, take a dry paper towel and place it over the affected area. Pinch the paper towel along with the wet glue. Take as much wet glue out as possible. Make sure you do not press down on the glue as this will make it penetrate through the carpet even further. Do not pinch hard as doing so, you might pull out the carpet fibres. If the glue has hardened, perform the same procedure but instead of a dry paper towel use a soaked one. This will help loosen the upper layer of the glue.
  • Using distilled white vinegar: Pour the distilled white vinegar over a new paper towel. Make sure not to touch the paper towel to the mouth of the white vinegar bottle as doing so might contaminate the content inside. Use the wet paper towel to gently blot over the residue. If you notice the glue softening, roll it inwards and pinch it out of the carpet. Do not roll it outwards as the glue might spread further ahead. After one round of distilled white vinegar, wet the paper towel again and this time let the vinegar sit over the layer of glue for at least five minutes. Make sure to spot test the vinegar before you use it on the carpet.
  • Using dish soap: Distilled white vinegar can remove the glue completely off the carpet. The acid in vinegar detaches and disintegrates sticky particles off the carpet. All you have to do is take a tablespoon and peel it off. If it is still difficult to do so, we recommend you apply some dish soap. Take a new paper towel and pour over it a drop or two of dish soap. Going inwards, get rid of the residue.
  • The finishing touch: After all the glue is out, use a dry cloth to remove the wetness over the affected area. Then, use a soft bristled toothbrush for fuzzing up the carpet fibres.

Distilled white vinegar or WD-40

how to get hot glue out of carpet

This method is a highly intense one and it is probably used to remove adhesive tapes or glue that has remained untouched for weeks. You will be dealing with chemical products like WD-40 and rubbing alcohol. So, use gloves before you begin and make sure your room is properly ventilated. Let’s begin with the cleaning!

  • Remove the excess glue: Assuming the glue is untreated for weeks, just pinching off the excess won’t get the job done. Use a tablespoon to gently scrape out the hard glue. If it seems difficult to do so with a tablespoon, consider using a paper cutter or a thin blade to cut through the glue. This is a risky part as you have to take care not to cut or damage the rug. Get rid of as much excess glue as possible.
  • Using vinegar or WD-40: The decision is yours to make. If the glue residue seems to be easy to remove, use vinegar. Pour some distilled white vinegar over a paper towel and blot it against the affected surface. Remember to roll the loose glue inward to avoid spreading over adjacent areas. If the residue glue happens to be a stubborn remove, use WD-40. Dab WD-40 over the affected area and let it rest for fifteen minutes. Do not leave it for more than twenty to thirty minutes. It might damage the carpet. Use a damp cloth to pinch out the glue.
  • The finishing touch: If you are using distilled white vinegar, you can simply take a dry cloth and soak in the wetness from the affected surface. Since WD-40 is a strong chemical, it requires a strong clean up. There are carpet cleaners available online and the best one we came up with is Goo Gone. Apply this over the surface and clean it off with a damp paper towel.

Rubbing alcohol

how to get super glue out of carpet

Rubbing alcohol also called Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is pretty famous for its stain removing ability. It can get rid of animal poop stains, slime stains and, you guessed it, sticky glue. So here are the steps you need to follow in order to entirely get rid of hard sticky glue.

  • Remove the excess glue: Another way of easily removing or, at the very least, loosening the glue is to use an iron. You can use this technique to remove sticky slime and play dough as well. Make sure to place a towel above the glue and then the hot iron over it. If your carpet is made of materials such as nylon or polymethyl, do not use this method as it might melt the surface of the carpet. Instead, opt for the tablespoon scrubbing method mentioned above. Place the iron on top of the cloth and iron over it for five to ten minutes. If you don’t want to ruin your cloth with glue stains, place a paper towel or tissue beneath it. Let the heat melt away or loosen the glue. Remove the iron after ten minutes and pinch out the loose glue before it dries again.
  • Using rubbing alcohol: Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol over a paper towel. Do not touch the paper towel to the mouth of the rubbing alcohol as doing so might contaminate the content inside. Rubbing alcohol has the ability to seep through the carpet and get in contact with the floor beneath it. This may damage the flooring. Hence, only use a few drops of it. Blot and gently rub inwards to remove all the glue.
  • The finishing touch: Use a damp cloth to get rid of the residue of rubbing alcohol. You may dry the region with a hair dryer or any kind of hot air blower. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get off any solid glue particles. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to bring up the carpet fibres.

Ammonia or acetone (nail polish remover)

how to get nail glue out of carpet, how to get wood glue out of carpet

Acetone is a pretty powerful solvent capable of ruining man-made material carpets. Some versions of nylon withstand the effect of acetone but it is wise to perform a spot test. The alcohol in the nail polish remover acts on the stubborn stains and detaches them from the fibres of the carpet. If the glue is weak in nature, you can also opt for hand sanitizers. They contain about sixty to ninety percent alcohol.

  • Using Ammonia: Add a teaspoon of ammonia into a cup of water. Mix it thoroughly. Dip a corner of a cloth into the mixture and start blotting. Do not rub over the stain as this might ruin the fibres of the carpet. Dab gently and pinch out the loose gum. You will have to repeat this process quite a few times to get rid of all the gum. After doing so, use a new dry cloth and soak in all the wetness off the affected area.
  • Using acetone: Acetone can be brought from any local drugstore. You can also use a nail polish remover. Take a cotton pad and, pour over it, a few drops of acetone. Do not touch the cotton pad to the mouth of the nail polish remover as doing so might contaminate the content inside it. Dab the wet cotton pad over the affected area. Do not press down on the stain nor rub in an outward direction. Pinch out the glue or roll it inwards. To finish it up, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of hard glue particles.

How Can I Prevent Glue from Sticking to the Carpet?

It all starts with the type of glue you use. Never use adhesives that come in a can or a container with a huge mouth. They are bound to spill glue everywhere. In fact, use a glue that comes in tubes or not so wide mouths. There is no need for them to be transferred to another vessel and can be applied with ease.

How to Get Gorilla Glue Out of Carpets?

Gorilla glue is one of the toughest and most complex glue compositions one can opt for. Acetone can be used to weaken the upper glue layer but using acetones comes at its own cost. Too much acetone can seep through the carpet and damage not only the base of the carpet but also the flooring. It is advisable to simply cut off the affected area and patch it up with a new one.

How to Get Out Hot Glue Off of Carpets?

Hot glue dries faster. Hence, treating the stain as early as possible will determine your success. Use the hot iron method we have mentioned above to loosen the hard glue. Let the heat melt the glue away. Then, use a damp paper towel to pinch out the glue.

Some Key Points to Consider To Get Glue Off Of Your Carpet

You must have complete knowledge about the material and quality of your carpet. Before using any kind of chemical over it, always spot check it. Spot check simply means you take a small quantity of the liquid and pour it over a region not so visible to anybody in the room. It could be a spot under the bed or in the corner of the room. Take a few seconds to notice whether the carpet reacts in a negative way towards the chemical.

Before you buy any carpet cleaning product, read the instructions and directions of use. Wear gloves while using them and make sure the room is properly ventilated to avoid suffocation.

The direction of rubbing the cotton pad against the glue stain plays a crucial role. At this point, you are walking a thin line between a stain free carpet and a totally ruined one. Either go in circles or go inwards to get rid of the excess glue. Going outwards will only make matters worse.


We hope you have gotten a clear understanding of how to get rid of glue on carpets. There are in total three steps involved in doing so, they are, removing excess glue, treating the residue with chemicals and drying the affected area. We hope the information we have provided helps you in determining the best way, for you, to remove glue off of your carpet. Happy cleaning!

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