How To Make Wooden Floor Less Slippery

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Have you ever walked carefree on those wooden floors, without a thought of having slipped across the wooden floor? Well, it’s a big NO! Because these wooden floors are too slippery and let’s not get talking about walking over these wooden floors when wet. So to keep yourself from falling, follow the easy steps on how to make your wooden floor less slippery as you further read the article.

What makes the wooden flooring slippery?

One thing to be noted is that the wooden floor is not inherently slippery but the slickness is the result of dirt, waxes, polishes, and dust. These slick shiny surfaces are often given the shinny touch by applying different polishes and these can really be scary. However, you can do the regular cleaning of dust or dirt from your wooden flooring to make them slightly less slippery.

Doormats, non-slippery pads, rugs, or anti-slip treatment can be used at the entrance of each door at your house so that people entering any of the rooms wipe their feet and dust out all the dirt at the doorstep, making your home dust-free. Nevertheless, if all these tricks fail, you can also wipe out the leftover sand or waxy residue and refinish your wooden flooring.

Easy ways to make wooden floor less slippery

These simple ways of making the wooden floor less slippery can prevent you from serious accidents that you may have to face if your wooden floor is not fixed. You can apply these easy tricks to any wood type or texture.

Frequent cleaning of wooden floors

how to get rid of slippery floors

Apart from making it less slippery, everyday cleaning results in making your home hygienic which is much more important than just getting rid of the slippery floor. The slickness you experience on the wooden floor will eventually reduce by removing debris and dust regularly. Dry powdered products like dust or body powder when they fall on the floor they fill natural peaks that lead to forming friction in the wood, causing you to slip over the wooden floor.

It is really important to mop and sweep your wooden flooring daily to prevent accidents. If not the entire house, try sweeping the most used room at least once a day. Sweeping however needs to be done daily, but moping can be done once or twice a week. This process hardly takes 20 to 25 minutes, which may vary based on the size of your apartment. However, in a busy world like today, finding time for mopping and sweeping is really difficult. So if you would like to get wooden flooring done, have a minimum budget for hiring home cleaners who would do the job, not to forget wooden flooring in itself is too costly.

Removing waxy residue

non skid treatment for wood floors

The polish and wax on the wooden floor develop with time, making your luxurious wooden floor even slicker. However, you can significantly remove this waxy layer with a few options, like a mixture of water and vinegar. Mop your entire wooden floor with the vinegar-water solution and then rinse the floor with just water to see the best results. A less-messier option could be buying products designed to remove the waxy residue off the wooden floor. Before you use the vinegar solution, note that wooden floors with UV-curing, oil-modified urethane, and film-forming finishes will be degraded with the acid of vinegar. So know your wooden floor before you apply anything on them.

Using non-skid paint on the wooden flooring

To add a layer of traction, you can paint your wooden floors with some non-skid paint just like those anti-slip sprays and coatings. These non-skid paints come in numerous wood colors and so you can choose any paint that matches your wooden floor. You can also include non-skid additives in your normal wooden paints in case you don’t find any non-skid paints. Any kind of paint requires ventilation, including the anti-slip coatings as they contain harsh fumes. To save your family from these harsh fumes, you will have to switch on the fans for a longer period and have all the windows open until it gets all dried up. For the same reason, painting is not suggested in wet or cold weather.

Sanding the wooden floor

how to make wood not slippery

This method stands last on the priority list. After each decade of your wooden flooring, it requires proper sanding and refinishing to make it look stunning throughout its life span. Cleaning agents and grime are said to form on wooden floors over the years, which may make your floor slippery. So get yourself into removing these grimes and look upon some new finish to make your wooden flooring look completely new.

Not all wood types can bear sanding; only the solid wood type floorings can be sanded and refinished again over the years.

Please do not try this complex method of sanding all by you, hire a wooden flooring expert to do so. Maintenance and implementation of a wooden floor can be quite expensive especially when you lack the skills, experience, or equipment to refinish the wooden flooring by yourself.

The nature of the flooring plays a huge role so take steps depending upon the nature of your wooden floor. Only thick surfaces or solid wood flooring can only be sanded and refinished such as oak, maple, or walnut.

Do not worry about any kind of damages that may occur while refinishing, you can sand and re-do the wooden flooring as many times as you wish to without worrying about any side effects. However, if you have a thin or engineered wood type flooring, do not opt for the sanding and refinishing process as it may further just damage your floor instead of giving it a new look.

This method of making your wooden flooring less slippery is crucial and needs constant expert advice and monitoring to successfully re-do the entire wooden flooring.

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