How to Install Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

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Baseboard moldings enhance the beauty of a room. It gives the room a posh and classy look. Moreover, these also serve a protective function by shielding the vulnerable joint area between the surface of the wall and the floor. Get awestruck by the royal, architectural palace-like rendition of your home!

Whenever you thought of doing something like this, the doubt of the baseboard molding fitting correctly on the rugged floor surface has immersed your mind in deep thoughts. To help you know how to install baseboard moldings on uneven floors, we have sprung up complete guidance for you. Keep reading to give a unique look to your room.

Steps to Install Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

large gap between baseboard and floor

It is a bit tricky to install baseboard molding on crooked floor surfaces. Cutting the baseboard to ensure that it aligns with the bottom of the wall with an aim to create a flush against the floor surface is not an arduous task, provided you know the techniques of doing so and have proper equipment and tools ready by you. Let’s begin with the short, crisp steps to go about it easily.

Keep the Tools Ready

Firstly, gather all the required equipment for the baseboard installation.

Among the tools and materials, the things that you will feel the need of mainly include putty knives, gun for caulking, sandpaper, eggshell point, vinyl, gloves, vacuum, hammer, nails, circular saw, baseboard plank, chalk, and pencil.

The saw is crucial as you may need it more often to cut the robust wood baseboards. Some of these items are readily available from local stores, while others can be obtained by placing orders from e-commerce websites.

Ascertaining the Requirement of Baseboard Material

The amount of baseboard needed can be readily ascertained by measuring the length of the straight parts of the wall separately. After getting the value, you can round it up to the nearest whole number. The final result will be obtained by dividing this number by 2. Now that you have got the value, add 15% of the total obtained value to the original number to enhance precision to make room for spare volume, if any.

Take a day off or schedule the installation on weekends as you need to devote a great deal of time to the process. The more time you invest, the better professional and finishing look of the baseboard can be obtained.

Selection of the Best Baseboard

At the time of purchasing the baseboard, keep this fact in mind to obtain a 7/16 inch of it with preferable materials of either wood or polystyrene. The narrower and thinner the baseboard is, the more flexible it gets when installing against the rough floor surface.

Wondering what the most flexible baseboard is? Well, it is nothing other than Vinyl Wall Baseboards. No matter how rugged or uneven your floor is, vinyl wall baseboards can be easily installed with the aid of Wall Base Adhesive.

Purchase the baseboard in advance before the decided installation date. After you’ve measured as mentioned in the second step, cut the baseboard at a 45-degree angle for each bend and a 90-degree angle for each end. A circular saw will be a good tool for this purpose.

Attaching The Baseboard To The Floor

While placing the baseboard on the wall, ensure that the space of one-fourth inches is allotted between the baseboard and the floor’s surface. To ensure that an accurate position of the baseboard is maintained, place a carpenter’s level over the board.

The outline has to be done carefully so that a proper outline is eked out of the baseboard. Pay special attention to areas with lots of gaps and roughness by placing your hand over those irregularities. Work towards pointing out the marked areas that were minuscule holes. Later, you can go ahead with replacing the marked areas with finished nails.

If you find this procedure a bit complicated, choosing a branded nail gun is an excellent option to go for. A wall base adhesive is the best item for attaching vinyl base molding to the wall.

Installation of Quarter Rounds

Following this step is absolutely your call as it is an optional thing to do. In case you spot any gaps on the floors, quarter rounds or shoe molding can be used. You can smooth out the rough areas present here as these materials are way too flexible.

Take a pencil and measure the length. Now, cut an angle of 45 to 90 degrees by making use of the miter box. After that, use your nail gun and start nailing at a perfect 45-degree angle. If there are irregularities or curves, adding an extra nail in such areas will be a good idea.

Filling the Empty Spaces/Irregular Gaps

If you have not used a vinyl wall base, there will probably be some irregular uncovered areas. Covering these portions is of utmost importance. Arm yourself with a caulk gun and paintable caulk for coating purposes.

Put on gloves and apply the caulk in the gaps by running your wet finger on the caulk top to flatten the regions. Wall spackling can be used as an excellent alternative to caulk. Once the gaps get dried, take a piece of sandpaper to remove any remaining irregular spots and smoothen the surface.

Give a Fresh Lease of Paint to the Baseboard

Painting the baseboard gives a rich and glossy look to the baseboard molding. Here’s what you have to do to make the baseboards look more attractive.

Apply painter’s tape on the walls and floor lying at a close range to the baseboard. No doubt, a semi-gloss paint or eggshell is going to be the best item to be used. Moreover, if spills or stains occur, cleaning these will be an effortless task if you use the recommended paint.

Final Words

A great deal of concentration and a meticulous following of the steps will lead to a successful installation of the baseboard molding on an uneven floor. Now that you know how to install baseboard molding on uneven floors, here is the fact that you need to keep in mind. If the unevenness is way too expanded all over the floor, it is advisable to take professional help to get better results.

Pay attention to every detail as a slight inaccuracy in taking the measurement may result in a total mess of the baseboard installation. With the right gear and immense patience, you can smoothly transform the look of your home into an elegant one.

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