Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors? **TRUTH**

By Mats Hub Team

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Carpet cleaners are very popular these days and people are using carpet cleaners to extract dirt and stains from the carpet. A carpet cleaner can help you to get rid of dirt, debris, and stains from the carpet without harming your precious carpet.

That is the reason people are using carpet cleaners over carpet vacuum cleaners. A carpet cleaner can also wash your carpet while cleaning which people are loving so much. Vacuum cleaners can not do that, they can only take dry dirt and that’s it. But a carpet cleaner can clean both dry and wet dirt from the carpet and even can remove hard to remove stains.

But as you know people love to use a single tool for multiple purposes. The name “Carpet Cleaner” itself explains everything that it can clean carpets only. But people are still asking questions like “Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors?“.

So here we will explain everything you need to know about this topic which is can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors. Allow us to explain what you can actually clean with a Carpet Cleaner, before answering the question you have in your mind.

Things You Can Clean Using Carpet Cleaner

Now before heading forward it is very useful to know what exactly you can clean with a carpet cleaner. The market is full of amazing home cleaning gadgets with so many amazing unique features. A carpet cleaner is one of the best cleaning tools and it is able to clean below listed items:-


carpet cleaner

Well of course it can clean carpets, if not then why they call it a carpet cleaner, hehe. But as we are talking about what it can clean so we are mentioning whatever it can cleaner. And being a carpet cleaner, it can clean carpets amazingly.

Carpet cleaner uses hot water and cleaning formula to clean the fabric and then it scrub the surface with its brush and loosen all the embedded dirt and stain etc. Then use the vacuum it sucks everything and in the end, it uses heat technology to dry the carpet. Most of the carpet cleaners come with this heating technology these days.


Mattresses contain so much dirt, dust, and even dead human skins. If you have kids or pets in your home then there are chances you get stains like pet urine stain, milk stain, sauce stain, etc. on your mattress too. So quick and easy way to get rid of these stains, dust, dirt, human dead skins, etc. from the mattress is to use a carpet cleaner.


Even you can clean curtains using a carpet cleaner only if it comes with a hand tool. Mostly full-sized carpet cleaner comes with upholstery tools and you can use that tool to clean curtains and drapes easily.


If your sofa is made of stiff fabrics then you can use a carpet cleaner to clean your sofa. Because the brush won’t be able to tear the fabric while cleaning. But if your carpet cleaner comes with the hand tool (Which is also known as Stain Tool) then you don’t have to worry at all.

Car Seats and Floor

By using a commercial carpet cleaner you can easily clean your car seats and floor. If you got stains or dirt on your car floor and seats then carpet cleaner can easily help you to get rid of these things. You can also use a car detailing vacuum cleaner to do that but why to buy a new vacuum to clean your car when you can do that with your old cleaning pal?


Using the same stain tool you can also get rid of stains from your comforters. Not only comforters but also you can clean other large bedding items and instead of steam cleaning you can clean them using carpet cleaning hand tool.

How Carpet Cleaner Works?

A carpet cleaner which is also known as a carpet extractor or a carpet shampooer is specially designed to remove the embedded dirt and stains from the carpets.

By using the mixture of water and cleaning solution, a carpet cleaner removes all the dirt and stains from the carpet. For better results, experts suggest using warm water. The carpet cleaner spray or shoot the water and cleaning solution into the carpet and then the brush roll scrubs the solution into the carpet and loosen the dirt and dust. As you move backwards with the machine it brings all the dirt and dust on the surface. This process also fluffs up your carpet and you get a soft and comfortable feel later.

In the end, the powerful vacuum suction removes all the dirty water from the surface. This dirty water goes directly into the dirty water tank on the carpet cleaner. Some carpet cleaners come with heat feature, which helps the carpet cleaner to dry your carpet after cleaning.

What is the difference between a carpet cleaner and a steam cleaner?

Sometimes people call Carpet Cleaners with different names like “steam carpet cleaners,” “carpet steam cleaners,” or even “steam cleaners.” But a Steam Cleaner uses dry vapor steam which is not good for carpet cleaning. But you can use those steam cleaners to clean hard surfaces only.┬áSteam Cleaners are a good choice to clean hard surfaces but if you try to clean your carpet with a steam cleaner then the steam can damage the carpet fibers and the carpet will lose its shine and protection.

On the other side, a Carpet Cleaner sprays a cleaning solution and warm water mixture into the carpet for deep cleaning. Then with the help of its brushroll, it loosens the dirt and solution from the carpet and then sucks everything using powerful suction. As result, you get a deep cleaned carpet.

So the difference is Carpet Cleaner does not use steam to clean carpet as a Steam Cleaner does.

Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors?

Now coming to the actual question, Can you clean the tiles floor using a carpet cleaner or not. Well, the Honest Answer to that question is NO. You can not clean the tiles floor with a carpet cleaner because a carpet cleaner and tiles are two different things.

The reason is carpet cleaner comes with sharp brushes or scrubber, which are not good for the tiles floor. The brushes or scrubber can leave permanent marks on your precious tiles floor. Believe me, it will take away the shine and you will regret it later.

If you think if you can use a hoover carpet cleaner for tiles floor cleaning or Bissell carpet cleaner to clean your tiles floor or any other brand’s. But the answer is still NO, if you don’t like your tile floor then you can ahead and ruin it with a carpet cleaner.

Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a steam mop to clean your tile floor. Buying a new vacuum is cheap as compared to install tiles flooring again. So we suggest, you should not use a carpet cleaner on the tile floor.

Final Words

We hope you got your answer and we were able to educate you about this topic. If yes then please share in the comments and be wise and don’t take risks. Instead, invest in a good quality vacuum for tiles floor and you can quickly clean the mess from your tiles floors.

Carpet cleaners are best when it comes to clean carpets but cleaning tiles floors with a carpet cleaner is not a good idea.

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