How To Keep Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

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Nothing quite compares to the elegance and timelessness of a hardwood floor. But being natural, it is prone to weathering effects and can easily scratch, scuff, or make deep indentations on the hardwood flooring whenever chairs are moved.

But chairs are not the only culprit to scratching your hardwood floor; they could be other pieces of furniture too. Just saying! Do not think that because the furniture has to be moved every now and then, there is no fix to keeping your hardwood floor scratch-free.

Of course, there are ways to protect the gorgeous hardwood flooring in your house. We bring to you our top picks on how to keep chairs from scratching hardwood floors.

How To Keep Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

Do Not Drag The Chairs

how to keep furniture from scratching hardwood floors

This has become the standard way youngsters pull out chairs! And, old habits die hard. When you move big chairs or other furniture, it scratches the flooring. Additionally, it might not be possible for you to have someone to help you move furniture all the time (for cleaning, redecoration, etc.).

This results in you trying to drag the heavy chairs, for instance, from one room to another. It is the primary reason behind scratches and gouges on hardwood flooring because of the friction between the chair legs and the hardwood floor. Consider calling someone for help if you own heavy chairs, as it is better to have service than an unsightly scratched hardwood floor!

Clever Placement of Rugs

how to prevent chairs from scratching hardwood floors

We know how elegant hardwood floors are and that they lend a cozy feel to any space. But there is no denying that they can get quite boring too! The handy solution to switch up a mundane hardwood floor is to place rugs. They will also prevent scratches from chairs. Bonus! Your heart may not agree to cover the beauty of your hardwood floor, but sacrifices will have to be made.

Choose a rug that is more than the area where your chairs are kept or used. Apart from adding a pop of something into the room, rugs also offer excellent under footing during the chilly winters! Getting up, pushing, and pulling the chair gets a bit difficult with a rug underneath, though.

Use Furniture Pads

how to keep furniture from scratching wood floors

If cleaning the area daily or expenses are your concern, opt for furniture pads instead of rugs. They allow chairs to have the freedom of movement and act as a protective layer between the chair leg and the hardwood flooring. They can be found at any hardware store near you for a wallet-friendly price.

Furniture pads are made of soft rubber, cork, or felt. Some popular variants include adhesive slips, slip-on pads, and tap-on furniture pads. The best thing about this method is that you can use textile scraps or crochet to make these.

Repair Old Chairs

how to keep chairs from sliding on hardwood floors

Sometimes, the problem lies in how old or worn out the chairs are. If the feet of your chairs are rough on the edges, it may be contributing to those big, unsightly scratches or gouges on the hardwood floor.

The rough or worn-out edges of the chair legs can cause the uneven hardwood to scratch. Checking your chair legs every once in a while will help you keep track of whether it is time to sand them or not. You can use fine-grit sandpaper or a palm tool.

Attach Wheels To Your Furniture

best floor protectors for chairs

This is an expensive undertaking, but the one-time investment is worth the comfort and protection it offers if you can afford it. Consider buying chairs that have built-in wheels in them for more portability.

Having wheels on your chairs is a beneficial and convenient way to prevent scratches on a hardwood floor. Ensure that the wheels are made of non-marking materials. Also, clean the wheels on a regular basis so that your hardwood floor remains spick and span for a longer time!

Final Words

We suggest you protect whatever type of flooring you have– be it hardwood, vinyl, or laminate. Unfortunately, all of them can have scratches from chairs and other pieces of furniture, so use these above methods. Our article includes how to keep chairs from scratching hardwood floors, so let us know if you have any queries. Also, consulting a professional tiler would help if you have any further questions or comments.

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