How To Keep Rugs From Slipping On Tile and Laminate Floors

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Yes, we understand your affection towards the Pinterest tile flooring that oozes class and elegance. But there is no denying the fact that the love of tile floors is significantly affected when winters hit. The elegant tiles that once kindled your adoration trigger a bone-chilling shiver up your feet! The trusty solution to have beautiful tiles with warm feet is putting rugs over the tiles.

Sounds easy, right? But a rug comes with its own problems, with slipping stealing the number one spot. Well, you can totally blame physics for this! When you place a rug on a floor that is covered with tiles, the back of the rug lined with polypropylene provides little to no friction.

But there are several ways to get around your rugs from dangerously sliding on a tiled floor. We will share our top tips on how to keep rugs from slipping on tiles and also from Laminate Floors to save your limbs and add a decorative touch to your home.

How To Keep Rugs From Slipping On Tiles and Laminate Floors

Non-Slip Rubber Rug Pad

how to keep rugs from slipping on laminate floors

If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to fix rugs slipping on tiles and laminate floors, get yourself some non-slip rubber rug pads. They are thin rubber pads with a waffle pattern, and they come in various thicknesses. You can cut them to ensure they have a snug fit under your rug. Another great thing about non-slip rug pads is that they are readily available. Non-slip rubber rug pads also help to prevent rugs from slipping on Laminate Floors.

As important as it is to prevent the rug from slipping on the tiles, you must also consider protecting the rug’s back surface. When you have a beautiful hand-knotted oriental rug that needs special care, you’ll understand what we’re saying!

These non-slip rug pads don’t damage your rug, but they may have adhesives that can affect the tiles. Be sure to buy good quality versions only. While keeping the rug securely in place, vacuuming becomes effortless too.

Use Silicone Sealants

Will rubber backed rugs damage laminate flooring?

If you haven’t used silicone sealants before, it is a type of adhesive sealant that can be used for a wide variety of household and professional uses like fixing joints or leakages. But it works equally well to pin rugs to your tiled floor and laminate floors! It isn’t harsh on your wallet and lasts for quite a long time.

You just have to apply dots of the silicone sealant at the back of the rig along with its edges. Then let it dry for at least an hour before you flip it over. Caulking helps prevent tripping over the edges of the rug too. The only drawback to using silicone sealants is that it has the potential to damage the underside of your rugs.

So, steer clear of using silicone sealants if your rug is expensive or antique, and just use a non-slip rug pad or double-sided carpet tape for them instead. Caulking should be used only for cheaper rugs and helps them get a better grip on the floor.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

How to keep bathroom rugs from sliding

As it is alternatively known, double-sided carpet tape or gripper tape is another easily accessible and wallet-friendly way to prevent your rugs from slipping on laminate floors and tile floors. You can find these in a hardware store in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Ideally, you should choose a tape that is at least an inch wider than the carpet on the edges.

Apply a few strips at the edges as well as in the center for extra grip. Gently walk on the rug to press the tape firmly onto the tiled floor and flatten out any creases. The only worry with carpet tape is that it gathers dust over time and might lose its adhesion.

Anchor It Using Furniture

 how to keep a rug from sliding diy

Now, this is the tip ones on a very tight budget have been waiting for. You wouldn’t need to buy anything from the hardware store. A little heavy lifting and you are good to go! Though there is a fair share of limitations to this method, placing heavy furniture over your rugs does secure them to the tiled and laminate floors. You can also use this method on laminate floors as well.

The effectiveness of the rug as a means of cushioning your feet is affected because you will have to obstruct it with furniture. But you don’t have to cover the rug entirely. Place the rug in such a way that its corners can be tucked under the legs of a piece of heavy furniture.

Natural Rubber Rug Pads

 silicone caulk to keep rugs from slipping

If your rug isn’t all that big or thick, natural rubber rug pads could be the perfect solution to pin them down on the tiled floor. They aren’t like synthetic rubber pads that are made of plastics and do not harm your floor’s finishing. They are made of natural rubber and neither stain the rug nor the floor.

These are sold at a steeper price because they are made naturally. But if you want a long-term solution to slipping rugs, natural rubber rug pads are worth the extra investment. They do not contain synthetic adhesives and so keep your rug in place without sticking it to the floor.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know how to keep rugs from slipping on tiles and laminate floors to save yourself and your loved ones from potential accidents. And thankfully, there are several effective and straightforward ways to do it. You can try all of them (none of them is obnoxiously expensive) to figure out which one works best for you.

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