How To Make Gym Floor Less Slippery – Easy 4 Methods

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We all take so many measures before we do some challenging exercises in the gym. We buy the necessary gears to make sure we are steady and not slip. Slipping in the gym while exercising can cause severe injury and can be a hazardous situation. Often times because of sweat and many other factors, gym floors tend to be slippery, and that is exactly why you need to know How To Make Gym Floor Less Slippery.

As already mentioned, some of the reasons behind a slippery gym floor could be sweat, water, bodily oils, floor cleaning agents, dirt, dust, and many more. These methods that we are going to share below are very simple steps using easily available products! To avoid any dangerous mishaps in your gym, simply follow some of the tips and tricks in this article.

How To Make Gym Floor Less Slippery?

Method One: Dust Mop

gym floor cleaner

A dust mop is similar to a broom, but it is more specialized to clean fine dust off floors that are made of wood or other sensitive materials. It is extremely simple to use one and you must dust mop gym every day!

I understand that moping every day can be a bit tedious, but if you own a communal gym, then it is a must because not only does this improve the gymming experience for your members, but it also helps with the overall hygiene of your gym.

If you are looking to clean your home gym, then you can take it easy a little bit and dust mops your gym every once in 2 days or dust mop it before every time you use your gym to ensure your safety.

We highly recommend that you use a microfiber dust mop. Microfiber dust mops have a lot of advantages like:

  • They are eco-friendly because of their reusable pads.
  • They can be used for both dry and wet cleaning; hence, it also saves you money because you can use the same mop for two different situations.
  • They are wide, so they can cover a big area in one sweep.
  • Microfibers are the best material for cleaning specks of dust and hair.

Dust mopping is a very common method used even in households to achieve shiny and dust-free flooring. If you do not do this already, we strongly recommend that you start dust mopping so that your gym members can be safe.

Method Two: Strong Cleaners

Make sure you use cleaners with chemicals that are harsh enough and can remove all sweat and oils from the floor. You can find cleaners that are specifically made for this purpose. Do not think about using mild cleaners because they will only temporarily clean your floor, and even then, they will not clean it properly.

Do not switch to natural cleaners like one part vinegar and two parts water mixture. This vinegar mixture will substitute as a cleaning agent, but it is only effective for our homes, and it is not strong enough for gym floor cleaning.

Mild cleansing agents, as already mentioned, will only remove the topmost layer of dirt, but you will need chemicals that can dissolve all the natural oils and keep your floors clean.

Now, keep in mind that you should not use extremely harsh chemicals like bleach, which can harm people. Make sure the cleaner is adequate enough for the floor but also safe enough for the people.

Another tip to keep in mind is that your cleaner should be safe enough to use on your floor. Some cleaners react badly to certain types of floors. So be sure that your cleaning agent is suitable for your floor.

Method Three: Automatic cleaners

If your gym floor is few years old, then this is your perfect cleaner. You can buy an automatic scrubber and use it on your gym floors. This is especially beneficial if your gym is really big, as automatic cleaners can be very time efficient.

Automatic scrubbers can remove even the toughest of stains and dirt on your floor, making it spic and span. As you already know, a clean floor equals a non-slippery one!

You can not use them on floors that have been newly installed, so keep that in mind. After the machine cleans the floor, allow it to dry completely before doing anything else.

Method Four: Floor Covers

how to make rubber mats less slippery

These covers are the best option for you; if you have a gym that is vast without any pieces of equipment in between, then you must use this because it will be your savior.

At the end of the day, place these covers over your gym floor and forget the rest. The next day once you come to your gym, just remove the covers carefully. All the dust and dirt overnight will collect on these sheets, and you will not have to clean your floor like how you would otherwise rigorously.

You will notice that these are just easy ideas to keep your floor clean. Clean floors are not slippery! It is a straightforward concept!

So, your primary focus should be maintaining your gym floors cleanly. Make it part of your daily routine to mop your floors and dust them. I hope you found this article about How To Make Gym Floor Less Slippery useful and sure to employ these techniques in your gym.

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