How To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile

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We all can agree that getting to upgrade your home decor is no mean feat. And one of the most difficult of them all is tiled flooring! Stone tiles are a popular choice due to the high-end looks they render to wherever you put them. But it is a real shocker when you find dried grout once the stone tiles are already fixed in place.

Contractors know how dried grout can be a daunting clean-up operation. So they work in sections to avoid the mortar or silicone-based grouting material drying off. But it is possible that you still notice dried grout on your lovely stone tiles and cannot get the contractor to get rid of it.

In that case, do not go about trying to chisel it with a knife or any sharp object you find lying around the house, as that may cause damage to the stone tiles. Refer to our guide on how to remove dried grout from stone tiles to get the correct methodology.

Way To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile

Tip 1: Do Not Use Grout Removers Or Cleaners

how to remove dried grout from slate tile

There are plenty of grout cleaners and removers that are readily available in a home improvement store near you. But unfortunately, they should be the last thing you turn to when you have to remove dried grout from natural-stone surfaces. Contractors use and may even recommend using these, but avoid them at all costs.

These grout-removal solutions have the potential to cause permanent damage to your stone tiles because of their highly acidic nature. However, a few brands are coming up with stone-safe grout removers for delicate stone tiles. Make sure to buy those, only if you feel that’s easier to get rid of the dried grout.

Tip 2: Use Sugar And Water

removing dried grout from textured tiles

This method works really well but only on a fresh grouting job. If the grouting has been drying for over twenty-four hours, consider using the other tips listed here. Take a gallon of hot water and add about a cup of graduated sugar to it. Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely.

Pour this solution over the affected area and leave it to loosen the grout’s bond for two hours. After that, use the leftover sugar-water solution to scrub the dried grout with a nylon scrubber gently. Repeat using the sugar water until you make sure all the grout is out. Once you are satisfied with the result, thoroughly rinse it with clean water.

Tip 3: Try Scraping

how to remove dried grout from mosaic tiles

Even though natural-stone tiles are sensitive when scrubbing or scraping, you can safely use palette knives or rubber scrapers to get rid of dried grout. There are a few things to remember while doing so. Never be too harsh or forceful with the scraping; always use gentle motions and light to medium pressure.

Apply pressure in a particular direction and not short back-and-forth strokes as is convenient. This way, you can impact the bottom of the dried grout and scrape it rather than damaging the surface of the stone tiles. Also, remove the dried grout from the stone tiles bit by bit so as to not take away big chunks out and leave a flat residue.

Tip 4: Use Water And Wood

how to remove grout stains from natural stone tile

This only sounds brutal and is actually an effective way to get dried grout off of your stone tiles. Wood and water work exceptionally well for glazed stone tiles. Take a small piece of hardwood like an oak with a square-cut end. Now, pour water on the tiles or wet it with a sponge if it is a vertical surface. We are using water to be a lubricant between the wood and the tiles.

Now use the wood to scrape the dried grout with medium to light pressure only. If you still aren’t satisfied with the tiles yet, go ahead and use a nylon scrubbing pad to scrub them. Finally, use clean water to clean the stone tiles.

Tip 5: Use Vinegar

remove grout haze from tile with vinegar

Using vinegar is hands down the easiest and most cost-effective way of removing dried grout from stone tiles. But you need to ensure whether your tiles can handle vinegar cleaning because it is an acid that may end up causing damage to the stone tiles. The key to finding out whether your tiles are vinegar-ready is to test them out before going over all of them.

The mixture should have half part vinegar and half part water. Spray or put the solution over the affected areas and do not let it sit. Keep scrubbing the dried grout as you remove the excess vinegar using water. Once all the hardened grout is removed, wash the tiles thoroughly with water.


It might be that the dried grout is stubborn and hasn’t budged despite trying all these methods. This does not have anything to do with the efficiency of these tips but the type of grout that was used on the stone tiles. For instance, if it is epoxy grout, then it can only be removed using a specialized epoxy cleaner. Let us know what you think about these tips to remove dried grout from stone tiles.

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