How to Remove Wax Buildup From Laminate Floors

By Mats Hub Team

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Waxing your laminate flooring is never a good idea because it is going to leave a buildup in near future. That wax buildup will start showing every footstep on the floor also. That is why experts suggest not to use soap or wax on the laminate floor.

Soap and wax can also stain on your laminated floor and wax can also make your floor slippery. If you also made a mistake by cleaning your floor with a laminated floor cleaner that contained wax, then without any professional help you can remove wax residue from your laminate floor.

But if you got stubborn stains or chemicals on your floor, then without any second thought ask any flooring cleaning expert near you. In this guide, you will learn how to remove wax buildup from laminate floors and also some other kind of residues.

Things You Will Need

  • A bucket
  • Plastic windshield ice scraper
  • Hair Dryer (To soften the wax)
  • White Vinegar (Half Cup)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Half Cup)
  • Warm Water (Half Cup)
  • Microfiber mop
  • A White cloth
  • A vacuum cleaner

How To Remove Buildup On Laminate Floors

Now you need to follow the steps we shared below and you will be able to remove residue from laminate floors.

Vacuum Your Floor

First, we are going to clean the laminated floor, and to do that you need a vacuum cleaner with hardwood floor attachment. Because that soft attachment doesn’t have a spinning rotator and it will not damage your floor. Completely clean the floor and remove as much dirt as you can find. Check under the furniture, rugs, or appliances and vacuum there also.

Scrape What You Can

After removing the dirt from the surface, you need to use the plastic scraper and scrape the floor. This process will help you to remove very much of the wax buildup from the floor. DO NOT USE METAL SCRAPER, it will only damage your floor.

You can also soften the wax before scraping, using a hairdryer. But make sure to use the dryer on medium heat and do not use the hairdryer on a single area for a long time. Never use a steam mop or hot water to soften the wax, it will only cause swelling to the planks.

Use a Homemade Cleaner

Now, scraping is done but you’ll need to rub off the rest of the wax residue from the floor using a cleaner. If you can afford then you can buy any commercial laminate floor cleaner, but we suggest using a vinegar solution which is works the same. All you have to do is make a mixture of the 3 ingredients mentioned below and then you can dissolve the wax residue from the floor without harming the shine and finish.

Take a spray bottle and create a mixture of these 3:-

  • Rubbing Alcohol Half Cup
  • Warm Water Half Cup
  • White Vinegar Half Cup

After adding these 3 to the spray bottle mix it and your homemade laminate floor cleaner is ready.

Remove Residue From Laminate Floor

Now it is time to clean the rest of the wax residue from the floor. Just spray the cleaner on the floor and rub the area with a cloth. Make sure not to use too much cleaner on a single spot. Spray a thin layer and then rub the white cloth on the floor.

Once the area is completed, use a microfiber mop and clean the area which you cleaned already. Then move to the next area where the wax buildup is and repeat the process.

Clean in small sections until the floor is completely clean. Once the floor is completely clean, leave it for some time to dry. Then use a microfiber cloth and rub the complete floor. This will eliminate all the unwanted spots and also make your laminate floor shiny again.

Make sure to change the cloth as it gets dirty and do not wash that cloth in the washer. Because wax will cause a buildup in the washer and you don’t want to deal with that.

Do Not Do These

  • Do not use ammonia on laminate as it can strip away the protective sealant from laminate.
  • Do not use wet cleaning, soap/oil-based cleaner, steam mop, warm water to clean the laminate floor.
  • Never wax or polish your laminate floor.
  • Never wait if you spilled something on your laminate floor. Clean it as soon as you can, because fresh stains are easier to clean.

Final Words

Always take good care of your floor as much as you can otherwise, you will end up either end up replacing it or hiring a costly cleaning service to clean the mess. Here we explained how you can remove wax buildup from laminate floors. But if the above method is not you can try using mineral spirits or paint thinner. But before using these two make sure to use plenty of ventilation and wear gloves and eye protection.

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