How To Repair Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Luxury vinyl flooring comes with a lot of benefits like durability, easy installation, affordable price, innovative designs and whatnot. It brings in a rich, aesthetic feel and it is also visually pleasing. But such superior flooring, despite being durable, is still vulnerable to scratches and gashes. So if you worry a lot about your floor losing its natural beauty, and you want to know how to repair scratches on luxury vinyl flooring, then you’re in the right place. Removing them takes a little bit of work, but it’s not impossible. So let’s get to it.

Things You’ll Need To Repair Scratches

  • A bucket of warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sandpaper (P320,P500,P800)
  • Car rubbing compounds
  • Clean cloth

How To Repair Scratches On Your Vinyl Flooring Like It’s New?


best scratch repair for vinyl flooring

Add a little dishwashing liquid to your warm bucket of water, and with a sponge, clean the floor until you get rid of all the dust and dirt. When you’ve cleaned it, you must be able to see the scratches even more clearly. Give it a little bit of time to dry.


how to protect vinyl flooring from scratches

We use sandpaper to smoothen the scratches. And to do it effectively, we have to use three types of sandpaper. You can use P320, P500 and P800 sandpapers. Work with it lightly so that you don’t ruin the finish of the tile. If you rub too hard, you might scratch the floor again.

Don’t use sander machines cause that’s powerful, and you’ll end up destroying the floor. And you’ll have no other option but to replace the entire floor. So use your hands and work on it softly.

First, take the P320 grit sandpaper and start rubbing along the direction of the scratches slowly and try to smoothen it as much as possible. Next, take the P500 grit paper and rub it along the scratches in a circular motion. This is to remove the wax on the floor, allowing it to be waxed later. Remember to be careful and slow.

And again, do the same thing with an even finer P800 grit paper to level the scratches and smoothen them. Check if it is even with your fingers. If it’s not, continue doing so till it’s levelled. When you’re done, wipe all the dust that came from sanding with a clean damp cloth and wait for it to dry.


how to fix a gouge in vinyl plank flooring

Get a good quality car rubbing compound to wax your floor. Car wax can bring back the lost lustre of your floor to the way it was before. First, take a clean cloth, pour a little bit of car wax, and apply it to the floor. Then, with small circular motions, apply it lightly to the floor and make it shine like before. After that, remove the excess with a clean cloth. You’ll know you’re done when you no longer see traces of the scratch.

Scratch Concealer

If you’re not up to doing all this labour, there’s always another easier option. There are many commercial products from different brands that claim to remove the scratches on the floors. Get one of that scratch concealers and follow the below steps. It is very easy to use, and it is also resistant to water, stains and other spills.

How to use a scratch concealer?

how to remove scratches from luxury vinyl flooring

Get a clean damp cloth and wash the area of scratch neatly. Next, apply the scratch concealer to the area and cover it entirely. Take a soft fabric cloth and rub over the area till the excess concealer comes off. Wait for a few hours and let the concealer work. Now all you have to do is clean the area again, and then you’re done.

How To Avoid Scratches On Vinyl Flooring?

Now that you’ve leant how to repair scratches, there are also some ways you can learn to avoid them. If you get to know that, you don’t have to go through this tiresome work.

Protect your furniture

how to remove scuffs from vinyl plank flooring

Most of the scratches occur due to the dragging of furniture and appliances. And to avoid that, you can add silicone floor protectors under your furniture. They help in moving your furniture quietly, and at the same time, prevent them from scratching and denting your floors. If not, you can try using a rug under your furniture and avoid them from making contact with the floor.

Place a mat at your doorways

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Another thing you can do is put up mats at the entryways of vinyl flooring rooms. Specks of dust that come through the entrance stick to the floors. And when our feet brush against them, it scratches the floor. So to prevent that, you can put up mats. And don’t choose mats with latex back. Instead, choose the ones with vinyl backs or, you can also choose woollen rugs. These can prevent dirt and dust from sticking to your shoes when you enter the room.

Avoid using wax and shining products

Your floors already have a certain kind of lustre, so just leave it be. Attempting to make it shine more by using a solvent-based solution, wax, and other soaps will only make your floors dull and bland.


Replacing the luxury vinyl floors requires a lot of work and can definitely put a hole in your wallet. But at the same time, letting the floor as it is would probably not look good, and you might want to do something to restore your precious floors. And at times like these, learning how to repair the scratches on luxury vinyl flooring might come in handy.

Of course, you could try to avoid scratches all you want, but you’ll still end up with them without knowing. So, if you do have some scratches that need repair, follow these steps and make your floor brand new!

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