How to Clean Pergo Floors? [A Detailed Guide]

By Mats Hub Team

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There are three types of Pergo floors and all of them have to be dealt with differently when it comes to the cleaning process. The three types are laminated, hardwood, and rigid floors.

In this article, we will tell you about the perfect way to clean your Pergo floors. We have also discussed the preventive measures to be taken to minimize damages on the surface of your flooring. You will also come to know what methods are used to get rid of different types of stains and products you can buy online to help you with your cleaning.

How to Prevent or Lessen Damages on Your Pergo Flooring

As mentioned below, we have three types of Pergo floors. Read along to know what preventive measures you need to undertake.

  • Do not drag your furniture around. Use furniture leg pads to avoid scratches during any activity.
  • Dust is the main enemy of Pergo floors. Make sure you have doormats in every threshold or transition zone of your house. Shake and scuff off the dirt under your shoes before you step in.
  • Whatever kind of cleaning you do, first get rid of dust and debris. Then use a soft, dry towel to wipe over the flooring. Never use a hard bristled brush or a mop over the surface. This may cause scratch marks.
  • Never let water or any fluid rest on the surface of the flooring for long. Clean the spill immediately. The same goes with wet mopping. Only dry wipe the floor.
  • Do not use a steam mop as the steam condenses and enters the flooring, simply damaging the material and eventually, the look of your flooring.
  • For laminate Pergo floors: The mats or rugs that you use must be of good quality so that the dirt and dust don’t seep through them. Do not slide but lift furniture and other heavy objects.
  • For hardwood Pergo floors: Avoid wearing shoes with worn-out souls and footwear with pointy heels. These definitely damage the hardwood flooring. Spills, if any, immediately remove with hardwood floor cleaners. If you have pets, better have their nails cut before you see scratch marks all over the surface.
  • For rigid vinyl flooring: Make sure you have rugs at every transition zone, from outside to the inside. You must use floor protectors to avoid any scratches. Never slide or drape heavy items over the flooring. Only lift and keep.

How to Clean Laminate Pergo Floors

Before we start with the chemicals and the mop, you must make sure that the floor to be cleaned must not have any hindrance as such. This means, move away all the furniture to the side and try to cover maximum space in one stroke. Now that we have all the furniture out of the way, let’s start with the cleaning.

  1. Use a dry and soft cloth to get rid of the dust particles on the surface. Even if you don’t seem to notice any dust, at least go over the floor with a soft cloth, once.
  2. For daily cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a hard floor attachment. For intense, once in a while cleaning, use a damp cotton cloth or a cloth mop.
  3. Make yourself a Pergo floor cleaner at home by mixing one cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water. Another solution you can opt for is a mixture of one-third cup of ammonia and one gallon of warm water.
  4. Wet mopping is a big no but one can do so, only occasionally, if the flooring provided by Pergo is spill-proof or wet proof.

How to Clean Hardwood Pergo Floors

Before going in for the cleaning, dust the surface. You can use a soft dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner that does not have any hard bristles under it that will cause any scratches. Pour a hard surface cleaner on a soft cloth and rub gently in one direction. Do not go in circles but start from one corner of the room to the opposite one. We have recommended some best-selling hard surface cleaners at the end of the article. Do not forget to check them out!

How to Clean Rigid Vinyl Pergo Floors

For a daily clean, vacuum, or dry wipe your floor to get rid of the dust particles. If you only clean your floors once or twice a month then opt for a damp cloth mop but make sure the cloth is not soaking wet. Here are some ways to clean your rigid vinyl floors.

  1. Never let any sharp object or any item that rusts quickly stay longer on the surface. The rust from the furniture will permanently stain the flooring, causing you to replace the entire plank.
  2. Make yourself a Pergo floor cleaner at home by mixing one cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water. Another solution you can opt for is a mixture of one-third cup of ammonia and one gallon of warm water.
  3. Do not use heavy-duty cleaning agents or waxy textured soaps for any kind of cleaning. The lesser the liquid contact, the better and long-lasting your floor will be.

How to Deal with Different Types of Stains on Your Pergo Floors

Stains are not something you want your guests to see, the very first thing when they enter your house. Stains are not something that sits loosely like dust particles. They interact with the surface of the flooring and some even get absorbed, causing the affected region to inflame. To deal with food spills, use the above-recommended solutions of ammonia and water to clean them off.

If it is a gooey or a sticky substance, try to take out the hardened part with a tablespoon. Be careful to not scratch the surface. Use a standard cleanser to get rid of the residue. If you have kids around, you probably have crayon markings all over the floor. Use acetone or diluted rubbing alcohol to get rid of them. Sometimes, even rubbing crayon marks with a dry towel helps.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Steam Mop

A steam mop is basically forcing the flooring to come in contact with moisture. Moisture is definitely not a good option for Pergo floorings. After coming out of the steam mop, the steam condenses and is slowly absorbed by the flooring. Wood and water are rivals and wood is always the one losing the battle. As soon as the water gets into the wood, it starts bloating and swelling the wood. This causes the finishing of the wood to crack and finally, voila, you have a cracked plank!

Anybody can own Pergo floors but maintaining it is the real deal. They are very sensitive to scratches and avoiding them is a big headache. So, here are some Pergo floor cleaning products to help you with the cleaning process. Remember to wear gloves while dealing with chemicals. Make sure the room is well ventilated and your pets are not anywhere near to the cleaning products. Happy cleaning!

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